New year or new fear

Irfan Ali Khan
School: Mintocircle Senior secondary school

I and my pen will wish to share
New hopes and goals for new year
What has happened is gone now
Come out of why? and how?
New sun will shine on your faces
Pull up your socks and tie hard your laces
Tides and storms are waiting for you
Why not to have our early drink of dew
Your attitude defines what you are
If pessimistic then goals are too far
On the back of time let’s have a sail
Shut off your moans and unnecessary wail
Fill your work with utmost passion
Believe me your doing will be a new fashion
Hold on your breath for a while
Cross each day a distance of mile
Irfan God is there to fulfill your need
Clean your heart from thorn and weed
Keep head up and arms free
You are the bird of Adam’s tree


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