Azza Malik is my name

I don’t have anything same
I have a mother but no little brother
I have a father but I like to dance rather
I love to do some art and craft
and am not scared to be in a raft
I don’t like to sing but dream to have wings
I don’t like to be scold, and don’t like my toys to be sold
I on’t like much cold, but like to make things with mold
I have good parents, but I don’t like to keep servants
I love hip-hop, and love to hear the popcorn pop
In Math I am a zero, but in Art I am a hero
I love to make origami, and have an old granny
I have a good mind and I am kind
I don’t have any scars, but love to collect Hot Wheels cars
I have seen the valley but love to go see rally
‘meine phenka aag ka gola’, but love Coca Cola
I don’t have my back bent, but I think it’s the end.

Azza Malik, 10 is a student at Jodhamal Public School Jammu, J&K



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