Named by a girl, PDP’s MLA Majeed Paddar seeks probe in Kulgam sleaze racket, denies involvement


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lawmaker from Noorabad, Kulgam, Abdul Majeed Paddar on Monday denied the allegations by a girl who in a video calls his name of being associated with people involved in flesh trade in Kulgam district.

Paddar, who was a junior minister in Mufti Sayeed led BJPDP government while negating the claims of the girl said that that he doesn’t even know the accused lady, adding that “she belongs to my constituency Noorabad, rest I don’t know her personally.”

“There is no doubt the accused lady in the scandal belongs to my constituency and is among my voters but I have never been in any type of communication with her, Padder told Kashmir Life over the phone.

While condemning the sexual abuse of the girl appeared in the video which had gone viral on social media, Paddar demanded probe and a stern punishment to the accused lady.

Rejecting the claims of his involvement, Paddar clarified that his main gate is closed early in the evening and it is impossible that someone comes to my home during midnight “Mei bhi baal bache wala Aadmi hoon ( I am a family man).”

Pertinent to mention, on Sunday a girl in South Kashmir’s Kulgam alleged in a video that she was “forcibly pushed” into flesh trade and named Paddar being involved in this trade. She even said that the supplier once told her to go to MLA Paddar, which she had denied.

Currently, in police custody, the girl along with accused was arrested from Banihal after reportedly her parents filed a written complaint with Kulgam police last month.

As already reported, police have also arrested four accused including at least two more women allegedly involved in the crime.

In the 1.36 minute video, which has gone viral the girl reveals many things and names few people who she claims of being involved in this trade.

The sources privy to the development say that she has made the stark revelation in the court and named more people involved in the crime.

While giving the details, the girl in the video said that she was compelled to get into this as they have recorded her video which they threatened of posting on social sites. “They had threatened me with posting the video on facebook. I even could not disclose to my family what is happening to me.”

The location, she claims was a hotel in fish market Jammu and added that many girls are involved in this trade. “I have been to Jammu around six times and there are many girls involved.”

Naming the supplier as Shabir Ahmad of Kulgam, the girl says a lady Meema was also involved in managing their visits.

Urging police to take action against the culprits, the girl in the video says that many big shots are involved in this including politicians and police officers.

“A police officer posted in Jammu was one among the people who did wrong to me,” she confessed and added that “I know my life has been devastated, but this is just to save the life of other girls.”

She claims that she can identify everybody whom she has met and can help police in booking the culprits.

As reported by few newspapers, the father of victim has said that her daughter was subjected to the sexual assault and same was filmed by one of the accused.

“I haven’t seen the video but I am telling you what my daughter told the court. My daughter was being blackmailed by these fraudsters who used threat her that they would circulate the video,” he said.

A police official told Kashmir Life that they had inputs about this activity going on in Chawalgam, a satellite village of district Kulgam and were following it for some time.

The police, he says have registered case FIR 20 U/S 363, 120-B and are investigation all the possibilities. However, the official added that they are investigating every angle including that of “blackmailing”.

Meanwhile, another video has surfaced online, in which a girl is seen talking to two local channels. The authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed immediately as the girl has her face covered. The girl in video alleges that Padder has connections with the alleged supplier Meema.

“If u don’t trust me, go and check the call details of Meema, She even has the contacts with personal security guards of Padder,” the girl was seen saying in a video.

Adding that “She has been to Padder’s house around 5 to 6 times in front of me, and I request authorities to check Meema’s bank details,” the girl in a video said.


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