National Conference Adding to Insecurity of PDP: Rasheed



NC wants political mileage at the cost of destruction of Kashmiris.

Independent MLA representing Langate Er Rasheed Sunday accused National Conference of provoking PDP to enter into alliance with BJP, “as Dr Farooq’s feelers have added to insecurity of PDP”.

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said, “it hardly makes a difference if NC or Farooq Abdullah denies having said that NC can consider BJP’s offer for government formation. It has given BJP further encouragement to take regional parties for granted and continue its hostile attitude towards the aspirations and rights of Kashmiris. NC especially Farooq Abdullah has a history and track record of first saying something and then claiming that he was misquoted.” “The quest for power has gone so deep in both NC and PDP that they both are ready to sell even their conscience. BJP is already over confident and NC’s offer or even feelers will boost its anti-Kashmiri and anti-Muslim morale further. In fact NC wants PDP to take such a decision that suits NC in the long run even it may ruin Kashmiris.”

Rasheed asked both NC and PDP to “stop acting like Maharajas of Kashmiris” and understand that Kashmiris need not just governance but want Kashmir issue to be pleaded at all forums, the way it deserves.


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