Devender Singh Rana

National Conference on Thursday expressed grave concern over divisive elements taking centre-stage in a diverse state like Jammu and Kashmir, saying the machinations to distort its singular-entity will have serious ramifications.

“The unity of the state is at stake, as deep rooted conspiracies are being hatched out to divide the regions by promoting divisiness on the basis of religion,” NC Provincial President Devender Singh Rana said in a statement to KNS, while addressing senior party functionaries at SK Bhavan in Jammu this morning.

“National Conference will foil all attempts of trifurcating the state,” he said cautioning the PDP-BJP coalition to “desist from any such misadventure that is fraught with danger of dismantling the time-tested secular fabric for which this sensitive state is known all over”.

Rana charged the coalition partners of pursing a sinister and definite agenda of polarizing situation in the mistaken belief of diverting public attention from failures of the past over eight months. “The public disenchantment has reached the peak and the coalition partners better read the writing on wall,” he said adding, “performance inertia has retarded the process of development initiated during the tenure of Omar Abdullah as Chief Minister.”

“The priorities of the government have changed as it is focused on generating controversies rather than delivering on ground,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, former minister and senior state vice president Surjeet Singh Slathia expressed anguish over problems confronted to the people of Jammu and Kashmir which, he said, have accumulated due to abject failure of the PDP-BJP Government on all fronts.

Slathia observed that lack of direction and political will has left the wheels of administration haywire, as a consequence of which the people were suffering immensely. In this context, he referred to the dilapidated condition of road network, erratic water and power supply besides neglect in maintaining utility services that have enhanced the sufferings of people.

Highlighting the core public issues, former minister and senior leader Ajay Kumar Sadhotra said, “the element of accountability at various levels in the government is terribly missing, as the administration is finding itself rudderless. He said the problems in rural and far off areas are accumulating with each passing day due to non-seriousness of the administrative machinery.”

“National Conference will agitate the grey areas in every forum in order to seek redressal to public grievances. He said the people have realized their mistake of handing over the reins of government to inexperienced and irrational elements who know nothing but dividing people by inciting passions,” he said.


  1. It is just but natural that Kashmir is like a country like India which had history thousnads years was ruled ruthlessly by Muslims and non-Muslims, it cosisted on three diistinct parts, which are having diversity in culture, religion, see the report of sir, Owen Dixen, UNCIP representative in 1950, gave a report after touring all over the IOK ,POK was the best report every in the history of conflict India and Pakistan. The report was division of Kashmir on line Indian partition, not disturbing population, was not accepted by Sh. Abdullah and PM of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan, after some time was known as Chenab formula. 2014 election did clarify it from Jammu region BJP and fron Valley PDP, what does it mean?


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