NC Demands Probe Into Alleged 700 Cr Graft Attempt By Deputy CM



Deputy CM, Dr Nirmal Singh.

National Conference Tuesday demanded a high-level probe into allegations that the Deputy Chief Minister of J&K, Dr Nirmal Singh had tried to award a 700 crore, 100 MW Solar Power Project in Kathua to a Chennai-based firm through intermediaries and brokers without any tendering procedures and in complete violation of all nodal regulations.

NC Chief Spokesperson, Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi termed this as a shocking revelation that was indicative of the deep, systemic patronage to corruption by the PDP-BJP Government at the highest levels of leadership.

Pertinently, a Jammu-based daily Tuesday presented elaborate details of the alleged attempt by the Deputy CM and Power Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh to award a 700 crore solar-power project in Kathua to “The India Energy Private Limited” through an intermediary from Pucca Dunga in Jammu. The report states the Deputy Chief Minister was in direct contact with the firm and had consequently passed illegitimate and unofficial orders to the former Power Secretary, Sandeep Nayak to allot the 700 crore project in Chan Arorian, Kathua to “The India Energy Private Limited” without facing competition in a tendering process.

“When the Power Secretary apparently refused to follow the illegitimate verbal orders of the Deputy CM he was transferred as a punishment for refusing to do something illegal. One can only dread what is going on at the lower levels of the State Government when the Deputy Chief Minister himself is involved in an alleged scam of this size and with such brazenness,” Mehdi said in a statement issued from NC Headquarters.

“The OSD to the Deputy Chief Minister also went on to send a written note from the Minister to the Power Secretary that clearly proves the Deputy CM’s involvement in this scam. The note by the OSD conveyed the ‘desire’ of the Deputy CM that the Power Secretary should ‘take immediate steps’ for signing the power purchase agreement with the developer so that the project could be executed by the particular firm which was in direct contact of the Deputy Chief Minister. This is ample proof of the Power Minister’s involvement and the Chief Minister should speak up on this issue without any delay and ambiguity or else the CM’s silence would be perceived to be a sign of his complicity in this scam.”

The spokesperson lashed out at the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister for punitively transferring Sandeep Nayak for resisting attempts by the Deputy CM to extend illegitimate favors to a particular firm to the tune of a whopping 700 crores.

“Mr. Nayak has played a very important role in the Power Sector in the State and has been involved in the execution Baghliar-1 and Baghliar-2 Power Projects. Today, when officers like him are transferred by the State Cabinet for resisting illegal orders – the Chief Minister’s patronage to corruption becomes an established fact,” Mehdi said.

“It seems like Mufti Sahab is out to make J&K the most corrupt State in the country once again – a position of disrepute that Mufti Sahab earned for the State during his previous stint as Chief Minister. There is wanton corruption in all departments and undue and illegal favours are being doled out by Cabinet Ministers in consideration of bribes and financial stakes in projects. The Chief Minister’s office is completely silent on these reports and this is a sign of the Chief Minister’s tacit approval or his involvement. We demand a thorough and transparent probe into this matter.”


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