NC Demands Release of Salary of SSA Employees



National Conference on Monday expressed dismay over the non-payment of salaries of employees working under SSA and demanded that government comes up with a justification of this ‘human rights violation’.

National Conference Provincial Spokesperson for Kashmir said, “I have no words to share the miseries that government is pushing the employees into because of their salaries not being paid for six months.”

He strongly condemned the state apathy and said that it is a “human rights violation and against labour laws”.

“Is this government justified in this inadvertent delay? Many employees who have housing, education and other loans are being pushed to the brink. I am aware of people who are now selling their assets because they have no money to repay loans or even fees of their children and medical expenses,” he said.

He demanded that government comes up with an answer as to why it was still not paying the salaries. “Till now the government hid behind the excuse of ‘empty treasuries’. Now, as the state treasuries, as per them, have been filled by the GoI package, where is the money headed,” he said.

The Spokesperson stated, “there was mismanagement in education department and the Minister for Education, Naeem Akhtar had not got his priorities right.” “While on one hand the government was issuing purchase orders for high end technologies in ‘special schools’, and on the other hand other schools were left without even floor mats where students could sit.”

He claimed that the inspections and stringency on some schools was ‘a gimmick’ to attract media attention. “Go to nay downtown school, and the story is evident as students take turns to sit in a class room,” he said.

NC Provincial Spokesperson demanded the Government gets its priorities right and releases salary of SSA employees as soon as possible. “More than anything else, it is a rights violation,” he added.

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