NC Disappointed; Beg Says PM’s Visit a Failure

KL Report


Describing the visit of Prime Minister as an utter failure senior National Conference (NC) leader and Member Parliament Dr Mehboob Beg Wednesday said that people of Kashmir particularly NC are disappointed the way Prime Minister maintained silence over the important issues particularly Autonomy.

“I was expecting that the Prime Minister would make a commitment on Autonomy but he didn’t do it,” Beg told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that it was a customary visit without that lacked strategy.

He said NC was expecting that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will go public and would make some announcements relating to Kashmir issue.

“The reality is that this visit has let us down and he even didn’t bother to talk about Working Group recommendations,” he said adding that India would get nothing by buying time.”

Dr Mehboob Beg said that he had a closed door meeting with the Singh and during that meeting the Prime Minister assured us that he is making every effort to normalize relations with the Government of Pakistan.

Singh in response to my Autonomy query made it clear that he can’t make a commitment on the subject,” Beg told CNS that it would have been better for the Prime Minister of India to talk about peace and resolution of Kashmir issue in public.

“For NC his (PM) visit was a disappointment. We had many expectations from him and believed that he would make a commitment about the returning of Dul Hasti Power Project to the state and appeal Hurriyat to come across the table. Everything proved wrong and it is a fact that Prime Minister failed to deliver the goods,” he said.


  1. Mr.Mahboob Beig, If you had put the issue of autonomy in your common Minimum programme during the formation of government with congress the things would have been different. But unfortunately there was not any CMP between NC and congress. Your only aim was to grab the power.Just some time before you were praising the congress and your top brass is putting in every effort to fight 2014 elections together with congress in order to keep PDP away from power. Your to today’s statement looks quite unfortunate . You are cheating the Kashmiries. your CM has again raised the issue of article 370 which again is unfortunate bcz these are not the days of Fazi hund izzat 370. Gone are the days when you people used to retain the power using the same slogan.


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