NC Fumes Over Shinde’s Statement

KL Report


Terming the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s statement as ‘adding fuel to the fire’, National Conference Member Parliament Dr Mehboob Beigh Wednesday said “this type of insensitive approach can only create further law and order problems in the state”.

Reacting to the Home Minister’s statement whereby he had refused to return the body of Afzal Beigh said, “It is very unfortunate that the country has a strange double standard. Indian government has separate laws for different places and people. An issue in Panjab is given every concern but when it comes to Kashmir the same sentiment is hurt badly. They have no concern for Kashmiris”.

“When the PM has accepted that the Afzal’s case was mishandled and even Sharad Pawar agreed that the dead body of Afzal should be returned to his family, then why should the Government of India hesitate in returning the Mortal remains to the family of Afzal”, asked Mehboob Beg while talking to KNS.

Meanwhile, lashing out at the Government of India for mishandling Afzal case, NC Additional Gen Secretary Mustafa Kamal said: “There is no law which says that a prisoner can be buried in a jail after his execution then how both Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru were buried in the jail? I wonder”.

“When state government has been repeatedly saying that it absolutely has no problem with the return of Afzal’s body then why this thing is being reacted in such an insensitive manner by the central governemnt”, he lamented adding “They are making mistake after mistake  and then they talk about the integrity and democracy of the country”.



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