NC, PDP and PC will never speak anything that may hurt interests of their masters in New Delhi


Reiterating his appeal to masses to support AIP president, Er Rasheed has said that People of J&K don’t have a better sincere option other than AIP to represent their sentiment and sacrifices and to provide them corruption-free governance.

Addressing a gathering of party workers from Handwara and Langate constituencies, organized to thank people of these two constituencies, Rasheed said that despite all odds and reservations people of Handwara have endorsed AIP’s stand and a strong base has been laid for strengthening the party at the grass root level, however one needs to realize and understand that AIP has an agenda that is the voice of masses and their inner conscience despite the fact many of them may have compulsions to stand with AIP for the time being.

“NC, PDP and PC are wasted cards and they will never ever speak anything that may hurt or hit the interests of their masters in New Delhi. At the time when New Delhi is going to get a new government and India Pakistan seem to be heading towards breaking some ice, Kashmiris need a sincere, committed and honest leadership which should ensure that neither India nor Pakistan dares to take Kashmiris for grated,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

While India and Pakistan have every right to protect their rights but they cannot use Kashmiris like concubines and tissue papers, however, a pro-people and sincere political leadership can only ensure that voice of Kashmiris is respected

Rasheed appealed masses to understand the sensitivities of the issues and give AIP a strength wherefrom it can talk with confidence, authority and commitment. He said “Masses should not pay any heed to traditional parties especially NC and PDP who have not only mislead New Delhi but have also weakened the real Kashmir cause. Rasheed also asked Governor Administration to withdraw the order asking for disengaging casual labourers in various departments and said that the order is itself draconian and unacceptable.


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