NC, PDP befooling people: Rashid

KL Report


President Awami Itehad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid Tuesday criticized political parties for ‘playing safe’ and trying to ‘befool people’ over VK Singh issue.

Speaking in the state assembly Wednesday he said, “the way NC and PDP were passing the buck showed clear frustration on their part and were more eager and keen to escape their skin rather than ensuring that the whole revelations made by VK Singh should be probed thoroughly.”

Rashid said that the frustration shown and logic less arguments given by the members of various political parties were enough to prove that ‘what VK Singh has said carries a weight and Gh Hassan Mir is not the only person who is involved in the dirty business but VK Singh seems to be telling truth by saying that almost all the ministers right from 1947 have been on the pay roll of agencies.’

Rashid said, “the denial by members of various parties of not taking money but not showing proper concern to investigate the whole story, vindicates the stand of separatists that ‘mainstream parties are puppets of New Delhi’ and the hue and cry made by NC and PDP is just an eye wash and a desperate attempt to give a notion that they are very much worried about VK Singh’s revelations.”


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