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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Sunday organized one day convention at Town Hall  Islamabad.  According to the party spokesman, the convention was attended by  people belonging to different walks of life. Former Judge and prominent lawyer Advocate Mujeeb-ur-Rehmaan, prominent social worker Bashir Ahmad Toukal and several others joined AIP on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Er Rashid said, “NC and PDP have lost the moral right to have any alliance with Congress after the remarks of Congress leaders saying that Autonomy and Self Rule are roads towards destruction.” Rashid added that it is high time when PDP and NC should either come out of the dynasty politics and make revolutionary practicable changes in their hallow manifestos or people should say good bye to them and back a leadership that may really mean business and feel their pain.

“ Since chances of joining hands between themselves for NC and PDP seem almost impossible, therefore people of the state should give a chance to AIP which promises not only turning their dreams, political aspirations and desire for best governance into reality but will also get an end to the VIP culture,” said Rashid ,adding that  both these parties have failed to get an end to the miseries faced by the common people and have also left no stone unturned in diluting the real problem of Jammu and Kashmir.

He further alleged that while in 2002, NC tried to block PDP’s path by crying urban rural divide, unfortunately PDP is now trying to block the entry of AIP by trying to create North South divide. “However people of Kashmir are wiser enough to defeat these ill designs and are getting involved in owning AIP at the grass root level.”


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