NC Questions PDP’s ‘Tral Silence’; Terms Civilian Killing Condemnable, Unacceptable

KL Report


National Conference Tuesday termed the killing of a youth Khalid Wani in an incident of shooting by Security Forces in Tral as a highly condemnable and unacceptable act and demanded a magisterial probe into the matter.

Seeking a direct answer from the Chief Minister over the killing of Khalid Wani of Tral, NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said: “Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed is both the Home Minister of the State and also the Chairman of the Unified Command as he repeatedly announces these days. In both these capacities, he is directly responsible for any human rights violations or excesses that happen under his watch. We want the Chief Minister to answer as to how such an act could take place under his command.”

“There should be an immediate magisterial or judicial inquiry that is time-bound and transparent and if the narrative of the victim’s family is found to be correct, there should be immediate arrests and visible action against those involved,” he said.

The NC spokesman lashed out at Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti for their “conspicuous and deafening” silence and said their “hypocrisy about human rights stood exposed yet again”.

“While in the opposition, Mehbooba Mufti had a completely different approach to human rights violations and she would not leave any opportunity to score political points and play politics over tragedies. Her photo-ops while in the opposition stand in stark contrast to her apologetic absence and complete surrender to BJP and RSS while in power. Is she not the Member of Parliament from South Kashmir and is Tral not a part of South Kashmir? Why then has she not even issued a condemnation for this incident? This is shameful,” NC Spokesman stated.

Lashing out at Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for being the “weakest Chief Minister in the history of the State”, NC Spokesman said the stature and dignity of the Chief Minister’s Chair stood compromised solely on account of “PDP’s sell-out to BJP and RSS”.

“Such is the totality of this sell-out that the Chief Minister who is also the Home Minister cannot muster the courage to condemn the killing of a youth without seeking an advance apology from the RSS headquarters in Nagpur. Did this youth deserve to be killed just because his brother was allegedly a militant? Is this PDP’s new healing touch? The U-turn Chief Minister should muster some courage and at least condemn this incident without being terrified by the fear of losing his chair by offending BJP and RSS,” the NC Spokesman said.

While condemning the disproportionate use of force on protesters in Tral, the NC Spokesman lashed out at the PDP MLA from Tral for being a virtual MLA who is missing in the real world ever since the elections concluded.

“Where is the local MLA? Is it not his duty to protect his constituents from the use of disproportionate force? The locals are protesting the killing of a civilian youth and they are met with brute force. A youth has reportedly received pellet injuries and is admitted in a hospital in Srinagar. And despite all this, till this hour nobody from the Government has come forward to provide any answers,” he said.


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