NC Ready to Give in Writing if PDP Accepts its Support


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With Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yet to respond National Conference’s (NC) unconditional support offer for the formation of the government, the latter Wednesday said that Omar Abdullah has verbally communicated to PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Syed about his unconditional support.

The NC also maintained that it is ready to give in writing the unconditional support to PDP if it accepts the offer. “See some people in the PDP are saying that they have not received any verbal or written message from the National Conference for their unconditional support offer. Let me inform them that a very responsible communication from Omar Abdullah has gone to Mufti Sahab in which he has clearly offered him for NC’s unconditional support,” NC Jammu unit chief and MLA Devendra Singh Rana told KNS.

He said that PDP should respond the NC’s call. “PDP should respond to our call. We are ready to give in writing if they accept our offer. I believe that if PDP will form the government with the support of NC it will be beneficial for all the three regions and the government will run as per the aspirations of the people,” he said.

Rana claimed that three independent candidates are ready to give support to the PDP-NC government. “The three independent MLAs are ready to support the PDP if they will form the government with the support of NC. I fail to understand what stops PDP to form the government with the support of NC,” he said and added that the PDP should come clean on the issue.

The NC leader claimed that BJP has not approached NC nor NC is in any touch with BJP for the government formation. “I can tell you that BJP till now has not approached the NC for the government formation and the NC stand is clear that the party is ready to support the PDP,” he said and was quick to add that if PDP will not accept their support the party will think over other options.

He said that it was the party’s working president, Omar Abdullah who first made the offer of support to the PDP in the formation of a government.

“The PDP should understand that Omar Abdullah is committed what he has said and PDP should also realize that people of Jammu and Kashmir want that the PDP should form the government with the support of NC,” he said.

It is to mention here that after NC’s offer, the PDP had sought a written assurance from the NC. With NC having 15 MLA’S and claiming to have support of two independent members, the combined strength of the two parties makes it 45 and that is more the minimum number required to form the government.

In case the PDP and NC forge an alliance in the formation of a government it will keep the Bharatiya Janata Party which won all its 25 seats from Jammu out of power and it will have to sit in the opposition.

Despite ongoing negotiations between parties there has been no breakthrough for formation of a government yet.


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