NC repeating what PDP did in opposition: Dukhtaran

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DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen

Dukhtaran-e-Millat Wednesday said that the role of pro-Indian political parties in Kashmir has always been to strengthen the “Indian forcible occupation” in Jammu Kashmir.

“The role of these parties including so called regional parties NC and PDP and Indian parties Congress and BJP has always been to reinforce the occupation on the hapless people of Jammu Kashmir,” DeM said in a statement issued here.

The statement quoting Secretary General of DeM, Nahida Nasreen, said, “Some of these parties have got the job of strengthening occupation from 1947 while others are on the same job from 2002.”

She said the National Conference is repeating the “drama” that PDP enacted in opposition. “In opposition PDP talked about healing touch and importance of the resolution of Kashmir dispute and now National Conference is doing the same in opposition.”

Basically, both PDP and NC are working at the behest of their masters and they are doing whatever they are directed to do, she said, “They are both strengthening the military occupation in Kashmir.”

“Like National Conference today is saying that Burhan Wani is a freedom fighter, same way the ‘Nagin of Nagpur’, Mehbooba would talk about Tufail Mattoo and Wamiq Farooq in opposition and would rue as to why these children were killed. She would carry their portraits and stage a protest drama.”

Terming both the parties opportunists of highest order Nasreen said, “They term a same thing something in opposition and then something else while in power.”

While in power Mehbooba said that children had not gone to buy toffee’s and milk, in opposition she would shed “crocodile tears” on the killings and would stage “drama’s to gain the sympathy of people”.

That is exactly what National Conference is doing, she said.

“Alhamdulillah Mujahideen in Kashmir are doing a fine job and they very well know what they are doing,” Nasreen said, “They are at ground therefore are well aware of the happenings around.”

Nasreen said that the Mujahideen know the roles of PDP and NC workers and Panchs and Sarpanchs. They are doing their best, she reiterated.

She, while giving the example of Shaheed Burhan, said, even though government had announced a reward for ‘arresting or killing’ him, he didn’t leave his homeland and remained firm on ground. “Our Mujahideen are working in extreme conditions and have stood firm on ground. No one knows the situation better than them,” she said, “They complete their degrees and then move to the ground to serve their people.”

Nasreen said that the locals also know what government of India and their local “stooges” are doing and what their role is.

“They very well understand their conspicuous role in sabotaging the Kashmir movement. They should never expect anything good either from PDP or NC,” Nasreen said, “They don’t have sympathy for Kashmiris.”

She said that these parties are ready to sacrifice anything for the chair and their one point plan is to strengthen the “Indian military occupation” in Kashmir.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of DeM Wednesday paid glowing tributes to the slain militant who was killed by forces in Hajin area of Bandipora district.


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