NC Reverses Positive Land Marks Of PDP : Mehbooba

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While accusing National Conference (NC) led coalition government as failure, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti said the government failed to save the interests of the state and antagonized all sections of people.

Addressing a convention of village level committee members of the party from Sonawari constituency, Mehbooba said whether it is the youth, government employees, women or even children this government has hurt every section of the society.

Talking about the achievements of PDP led government, Mehbooba said while PDP created positive land marks during its brief period in government, the NC on the contrary has left a trail of disasters during the period of its four and half years rule.

“This government marked its beginning with the tragic and dastardly death of Asiya and Neelofar in Shopian and continued with the killing of 120 innocents including children in 2010, hundreds of infant deaths at GB Pant Hospital in 2012, secret hanging of Muhammad Afzal Guru in 2013, destruction of Dastgeer sahib shrine and killing of Panchayat representatives have become the tragic milestones of this government, which has proved a deadly monster for the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” said Mehbooba.

Mehbooba added that the PDP on the other hand achieved such things has had not been done ever since independence.
“Bringing back peace on borders , providing security and self respect to people internally, reopening of roads across LoC, constructing new and important links like the Mughal road, sanctioning of upgradation of national highway right up to Srinagar, opening up of new universities, countless colleges, schools and other institutions are just few of them , she said.

Mehbooba said the institution like Auqaf after their take over  by the government from the Sheikh family had been able to establish two full fledged universities apart from introducing measures like providing free rations to destitute, limbs to disabled and ambulances to major shrines for community service. Nursing college which offers graduation course anywhere in the state was established by waqaf board in Srinagar.

She said the present government however subverted this  institution of muslims also and packed it with almost the same members who constituted the earlier Muslim Auqaf Trust under Abdullah family.

“No wonder that the waqaf board is now in news only for back door entires, illegal sale of graveyards, and offenses like the theft of construction material from holy places like the hazrathbal shrine,” she said.

Mehbooba said places like Sonawari had suffered the most during the past quarter of a century. She said it was only after the arrival of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed led government in 2002 that the state was liberated from Ikhwan terror and SOG repression. She however regretted that the NC had reversed the clock and now its party workers were also indulging in activities that remind one of the dark Ikhwan days.

Speaking on this occasion the senior party leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig said the NC treated the state as its personal estate and treated its people as slaves of the Sheikh family.

In his address Baig said NC leadership was solely responsible for the trust deficit between Kashmir and the rest of the country. He recalled that when Jawahar Lala Nehru announced plebiscite to determine the future of Kashmir it was the late Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah who by reciting the famous Naat’  ‘Mun Tu Shudam, Tu Mun Shudi’  refused the Prime Ministers offer. He said the NC leadership thought that it could replace the Maharaja and run jammu & Kashmir as its personal estate under the protection of New Delhi. Though it had soon to leave power but the NC created a separatist mind set by raising the boggy of plebiscite after it was too late, Baig said.

Baig said that the uncertainty created by NC leadership led many generations of Kashmiri youth to join the separatist movement. On the other hand he said the Sheikh family surrendered to New Delhi on the single condition that it would be restored to power as a result of which Sheikh Abdullah who at the time of his dismissal was Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir returned to power after 22 years as Chief Minister.

“NC struck deep personal relations with New Delhi at political and personal levels the people of Kashmir are still looked upon with suspicion,” Baig said.

Baig said it is now an acknowledged fact that the PDP’s agenda alone can get the state out of its troubles. He said the party has a clear agenda on the external and internal dimension of Kashmir issue and has established credentials of a party that can deliver and make difference in governance. He said it was heartening that the party’s appeal was reaching all sections, regions and communities of the state and youth were attracted by its policies in great numbers.

Speaking on this occasion senior leader & MLA Ab Haq Khan said while the NC has created darkness every where PDP was emerging as a silver lining. He said the hope that PDP would be able to form the next government and resolve the problems of youth and other sections of people and address corruption was a welcome sign.


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