NC Seeks Autonomy, AFSPA Revocation

KL Report


With the chief minister Omar Abdullah reiterating his stand for the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) revocation from the state, the ruling national conference is repeating its repeating the repeal of black laws from the state in its 2014 state elections manifesto.

Sources told KNS that the restoration of the Autonomy will also figure out among the opening pages of NC’s election manifesto- the party is releasing in days ahead.

Reports also informed that NC has highlighted its achievements it made during its tenure including the age enhancement; RET service benefits and implementation of 6th pay commission recommendations in the state.

Srinagar and its development will also be seen by the state voters in 2014 NC manifesto with the slogans of Srinagar is state’s prestige, inscribed beneath the lofty pictures of the summer capital.

Reports informed that NC has “assured to convince” the government of India to repeal the draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Disturbed Area Act, which gives impunity to troops to kill or arrest people merely on basis of suspicion.

Pertinently, the 2008-manefesto of NC had accused the erstwhile coalition government of Peoples Democratic Party and Congress of failing to provide the better health care facilities and upgrade its infrastructure and utilize the existing services in districts and villages. The party had also accused New Delhi and “her agencies” of exploiting the water resources of the state for her own interests. To woo the voters the 2008 manifesto had assured development and up-gradation of different sectors like industries and commerce, tourism, forests, agriculture horticulture and to explore avenues for absorbing educated unemployed youth in the sectors.

NC’s 2014 manifesto will also emphasize the power the party has given to the youth of the state by empowering them to launch their own with the help of the state government. Also list of other various employment opportunities will find a dominant space among the coloured pages of the manifesto.


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