NC Wants PDP to Make its Discussions with BJP Public


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National Conference (NC) Tuesday asked Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to make its discussions with the BJP public vis-à-vis the formation of the new government in Jammu and Kashmir and particularly about the agenda of Article 370 and AFSPA repeal.

NC senior leader and newly elected legislator, Mohammad Shafi Uri told KNS that all the discussions, taking place behind the curtain , between BJP and PDP must be made public and that the PDP must inform the people of Kashmir about its discussions over Article 370 that the BJP pitches to scarp and also about the repeal of the AFSPA.

“These are subtle issues and concern the people of the state. PDP must tell people what it discussed over the protection of state’s unique identity and AFSPA revocation,” said Uri.

He maintained that the claims of the PDP, that it wants peace in the state, carries no weight as there is no one here who would oppose to such an issue.

“You ask a laborer in Lal Chowk, even he will tell you that he wants peace. Everyone here wants peace. PDP cannot carve out a political slogan out of it. What matters most for the future generation s of Kashmir is the protection of state’s unique identity. As much as I know, BJP wants to scrap Article 370 and is against the repeal of AFSPA from the state. This has to be made public by the PDP that what deal it signed with the BJP over the formation of the new government.”

He also took a dig at BJP, saying the party is yet to make its stand clear vis-à-vis the ‘forceful conversions’ which the party terms Ghar Wapasi.

“We all know the agenda of BJP and when any party from Kashmir is fostering bonds with it, it must make the contents of the discussion public.”

While reiterating that non-BJP government is possible in Jammu and Kashmir, the senior NC leader said the Saffron party could be kept at bay by the regional forces in the state so that a non-BJP government is formed.

“How Jammu could be neglected in a non-BJP government. When Jammu was neglected, please sight me a single instance. It is not just a BJP that has claim over Jammu. It is NC and also the Congress that has won seats from the region. Jammu doesn’t mean Jammu city. It is Pirpancjal, Chenab Valley and proper Jammu that comprises the Jammu region.”


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