LPG Consumers Exhorted to Avail Benefits under PAHAL

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The Modified Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG(DBTL)  is being implemented in the state of Jammu and Kashmir from January 1st 2015 and the LPG consumers covered under the scheme can now receive subsidy in their bank accounts, an official statement said.

“The subsidy can be availed by linking the  Aadhaar Number to the bank account number and to the LPG consumer number. However, in absence of Aadhaar card, subsidy can be received in the bank account by  presenting  bank account information (bank account holder name/ account number/16 digit IFSC Code),” the statement said.

In the PAHAL (DBTL) district(s), domestic LPG cylinders will be sold to domestic LPG consumers at Market Determined Price (does not include subsidy) from the date of launch of the scheme and the  subsidy applicable on LPG cylinder will then be transferred to the consumer for each subsidized cylinder delivered (up to the cap) as per his entitlement, it informed.

“Non-CTC consumers will be allowed 3 months from the date of launch of PAHAL (DBTL) to become CTC. During this period such consumers will receive their entitlement of subsidized cylinders at the then applicable subsidized retail selling price. After the grace period of 3 months, all non-CTC LPG consumers will get an additional 3 month Parking Period, during which the sale will happen at Market Determined Price for all LPG consumers.”

But for non-CTC consumers the total cash on the sale made to such consumers (as per their entitlement) shall be held back with the respective OMC to be transferred to the LPG consumers’ bank account in case consumer becomes CTC anytime during the Parking Period, the statement maintained.

In case, the statement said, consumer does not become CTC during this Parking Period, the parked funds will lapse and consumer shall become ineligible to receive the parked funds and sale will continue at market determined price till consumer becomes CTC.

“After the expiry of the Grace Period of 3 months, and thereafter an additional Parking Period of 3 months, all non-CTC consumers will receive cylinders at market determined price and will not be entitled to total cash until they become CTC. When non-CTC consumers become CTC beyond the parking period they will be eligible to get one time permanent advance and total cash entitlement on balance subsidized cylinders in that financial year, the statement added.

It is pertinent to mention that a one-time Advance will be provided to every CTC consumer joining PAHAL (DBTL).


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