NC’s dual policy caused many generations to suffer: Baig

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BagThe senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and former deputy chief minister, Muzaffar Hussain Baig Monday said that a wise and well thought out use of ballot alone can take the struggle forward for their rights by the people of the state.

Addressing party workers from Sopore Assembly segment of Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency at Baramulla Monday, he said lack of alternative to NC had in the past resulted in its monopoly which led in degeneration of that party into a B-team of either BJP or congress depending on who rules Delhi.

Baig said places like Sopore had suffered the most because of the instability in Kashmir brought about by unprincipled politics of NC and its U-turns. He said many generations in the state lost meaning of their life as NC pursued one policy in the state and followed another in Delhi. “In Delhi they struck close relationships to seek favours and enjoy personal luxury while in the state they at one time led the plebiscite front for 22 years and after surrendering that assumed power to punish the people who still continued to be influenced by its earlier ideology,” Baig said pointing out that honest politicians like Sofi Mohammad Akber represented a tragic example of NC’s frequent volte-face.

Baig said it will be the effort of the PDP in the parliament to remove misconceptions about the people of Jammu & Kashmir and also forcefully place their point of view before the country. “We will strongly raise our voice for your rights and not make compromise for positions in the government,” Baig told the workers.

Baig said NC’s undemocratic conduct in the formative years of democracy in the country led to the disempowerment of people and it was only with the emergence of PDP that a real democratic competition was established in which people can make a choice and fight for their rights within the system, “NC is always comfortable and promotes alienation and instability to keep people away from electoral exercise so that it remains in power by any means.” Within the state, he said, NC seeks votes on emotional issues and makes worst compromises with anyone in Delhi who can help it to regain power and in the process it has made serious compromises on the interests of the state by selling its water resources, giving up political authority and making Kashmirs suspects all over the country.

Baig said the NC is now shamelessly asking the people to vote for it even after working against the people of Kashmir and calling them as ‘big thieves,’ as Farooq Abdullah recently did to entertain his friends in New Delhi. He said on the one hand, NC sold out major power projects which could generate electricity worth crores every year and on the other hand it is calling the people as ‘MahaChors’. He said though there is no electricity available to people but the tariff has been increased five folds in years by the ruling party.

Urging the party cadres to take the message of peace, dignity and development to people at large, Baig said there is a yearning for change all across the state. He said the people are the supreme source of power and it is in their hands to determine who ruled the state and country.

Condemning the registration of FIR against Farhat Ahmad Dar, the boy killed in Naidkhai recently, Baig said such atrocities are unknown even in worst dictatorships. He said Omar government has earlier also registered FIR’s against the victims of its own atrocities but people must rise against it to dislodge the coalitions from the state. “For that the PDP victory in Lok Sabha election would be in first crucial requirement,” said Baig.


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