Negligence: Lady delivers baby, surgical blades left inside

KL Report


A new mother who was in pain two days after giving birth Saturday discovered the surgeons have left a pair of surgical blades in her womb.

The blades according to her husband had been inside her body for more than two days before being discovered.

“After developing labour pain, I admitted my wife Daisy Banoo in Lal Ded Hospital on Wednesday (April 1) under MRD number 090 where after surgery she gave birth to a baby boy. After two days, she developed pain inside the body and blood started oozing out from the parts where the doctors had stitched her,” Muhammd Ashraf Shergujri of Sarai Chadoora told CNS.

He said that the two doctors (names withheld) namely responsible for the surgical operation were scared and they immediately shifted the patient to operation theater. “Pain from my body vanished after the doctors removed surgical blades from my body,” the patient Daisy Banoo said.

“The doctors apologized. They did not have much of an explanation for what happened. They took responsibility,” her husband said.

Despite repeated attempts, Medical Superintendent Lal Ded Hospital did not respond to call, however an official said that doctors can’t be blamed for the negligence. “It is the job of the medical assistant to check how many surgical apparatus he has taken back from the doctors after the operation. Medical Assistant is supposed to count the surgical apparatus and he has to see how many instruments he has supplied to doctor and how many he has taken back,” he said.

Pertinently, the doctor responsible for the supervision of the surgery of the Chadoora woman was admonished by the superiors after the death of a pregnant lady namely Rehana Akhtar of Sumbal on 26 January 2010 in her operation theatre. The family of the deceased woman had then accused the said doctor of negligence and on the directions of then Speaker Legislative Assembly Muhammad Akbar Lone an inquiry was ordered but the report was neither made to public nor was handed over to the family of the deceased.


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