Nepal earthquake leaves Kashmir in grief

KL Report


The pall of gloom descended in Nepal after deadly earthquake is being felt in Kashmir as well.

Since the calamity hit the Himalayan nation, families of Kashmiris working in Kathmandu express concern over the well being of their loved ones.

Snap in communication link and news emanating of the huge losses, dozens of Kashmiri families whose kith and kin are residing in different parts of Nepal, for business purposes are disturbed.

With over 1800 deaths reported and many more expected to be in rubble due to earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale, relatives, friends and neighbours were seen around with families whose members are in Nepal.

Everybody trying from his own cellphone with hope that line would get through. Many are still having hope, while others were fortunate to talk their loved ones late night or Sunday morning.

Tariq Ahmad, a businessman from old city has a shop in valley. His newly wedded wife, old mother and unmarried sister are inconsolable. Reason, cellphone of Tariq is not reachable. With repeated assurances from relatives that Tariq would be fine, they are still having apprehension.

Like family of Tariq, there are hundreds who spent the night praying for the safety of their loved ones.

Javid Ahmad Shah, brother of Hurriyat (M) spokesperson Shahid-ul-Islam is also missing in Nepal.

According to Shahid-ul-Islam his brother is residing in Kathmandu from past many years and since the earthquake hit the country, his cell phone is switched off.

“There is no contact with him since then,” a visibly disturbed Shahid said.

Nepal pertinently is destination reportedly to around 2500 Kashmiri businessman who have set up showrooms and shops in Kathmandu in view of heavy tourist influx to the Himalayan state.


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