New Recruitment Policy Worst Political Exploitation: Jama’at

KL Report


Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir Tuesday said that the New Recruitment Policy is the ‘worst political exploitation’.

The statement from JeI is one of the rarest cases where in the state’s largest socio-politico religious organization has commented up on any policy announced by the establishment.

“The state government announced New Recruitment Policy is humanely unjustified and is a big joke to educated lot of J&K,” a statement from the JeI said Tuesday afternoon.

JeI, significantly, is one of the largest separatist organizations in Jammu and Kashmir which considers J&K a disputed region and believes in Right to Self determination (RSD) to people of J&K as the solution of the dispute.

“The Policy,” the statement asserted, “will create such an example of political exploitation which the universe does not know, yet.”

The statement said that the JeI condemns the policy.


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