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Stoning REMARK

Syed-Ali-Geelani-after-releaseClarifying the recent statement of Syed Ali Geelani wherein he had condemned the stone pelting incident at his rally in Sopore, Hurriyat Conference (G) said that the stone pelting in no way could be termed as an ‘offence’ and the same is used as an option to give vent to the anger by the oppressed and suppressed people.

The statement says that police creates ‘disturbances’ and that the nature of the stone pelting is not same every time and everywhere but often in reaction and response to the brute force applied by police and para military forces. “Geelani Sahib had condemned stone pelting incident in a particular context as there was no resistance from police or para military force in his Sopore rally but some mischievous elements resorted to stone pelting without any reason and it was only to sabotage Geelani sahib’s rally,” Hurriyat (G) spokesman.

“As far as Kashmir is concerned it is in no way different from other parts of the world. The reaction is expected even in those parts of the world where people are striving against the oppression and forced occupation and it is in no way considered as an offense,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman further said that whenever the public meetings is being held and if  the police or the authorities do not interfere, then stone pelting or any reaction without any provocation is unjustified and a person with senses and wisdom can not resort to such activities and if any persons behaves likewise he is doing  harm to the  freedom struggle.

“Geelani condemned the stone pelting which took place after the public meeting in Sopore was over, however the spokesman said that sometimes on the behest of agencies stone pelting is started to disturb  peaceful public gatherings and at times some enthusiastic youngsters are swayed by their passion and resort to stone pelting.”

Huriyat (G) spokesman further stated that the stone pelting becomes inevitable when police and administration prevents or stops the peaceful procession or rally from its onward march or when police resort to baton charge and pepper gas shelling. “In such cases the resentment and response of people may take ugly turn and they are left with just one option i.e. to pelt stones. This is the reaction against the high handedness and bullying of police,” said the Hurriyat (G) spokesman. He further mentioned that in such cases the youth are not to be blamed and that there is no reason to condemn stone pelting.

Clarifying MARCH

PDP-Mehbooba-Mufti-rally-in-LalchowkStating the ‘peace march’ had no connection with the forthcoming assembly polls, Mehbooba Mufti the President Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the peace rally was taken out representing the aspirations and emotions of people and the march had no political undertone.

Mehbooba Mufti said that the recent rally held at Srinagar was the contribution of its workers and supporters and that people of the state have never been supportive of the war between India and Pakistan.  “We had the agenda of peace in the recent rally; people have emotional bonding with our party’s agenda.”

Clarifying that the recent PDP peace rally was not intended to display party strength, Mehbooba accused that from 1947 to 1999, Kashmir was turned into the ‘warzone’  and now people want to express their desire for peace. “People here were readied in the past to raise slogans for the war but our party pacified the situation on ground and facilitated both the countries to open routes on the both the sides of Line of Control.”

Mehbooba further stated that the party was compelled to react at the situation wherein the statements of war were issued by the politicians. “We had to react due to the rising tensions at LOC and had to reveal to both the countries (India and Pakistan) that the people here have never been supportive of the war like situation.”

Commenting over the participation of people in the ‘peace march’, Mehbooba said that the youth of the valley are feeling ‘insecure’ and ‘suffocated’ due to the rising ‘corruption’ and ‘mis governance’. “People are joining our hands due to party’s agenda and the situation during our regime bears witness of our contributions to the state.”

Mehbooba further stated that the party activists spent money from pocket to make the rally a ‘success. She further claimed that the party workers spent from their pocket for the banners and placards. “We owe thanks to them, they are our real power and strength.”

Towering DISPUTE

G-N-QasbaThe debate started when the SMC commissioner, GN Qasba said that most of the mobile towers in Srinagar are being ‘illegally’ erected.

To confront Qasba, General Manager BSNL Koul opposed and said that the Commissioner of SMC should ‘verify the facts’.

Koul said the towers in Srinagar are only erected after the proper permission and that Telecom Service Providers first posses the license and then erect the towers in feasible areas. And for the purpose the license permits are given by the cellular companies to install towers.

Besides that the GM has said that it is after thorough visit of the area and identification of the spot, the mobile tower could be erected keeping in view the technical feasibility. And the agreement is properly signed with the landlord only after his consent to use his property for the installation of the tower. GM claimed that there is no scientifically proven evidence that the mobile towers are hazardous to human health. But there are many different theories emerging in the present time that reveal different things.  But Koul personally believes that there is no such credible theory that suggests ill effects of cell phone towers on human health. The phone through which I am talking to you is more affective to our health than the tower.


J&K-chief-Minister-Omar-AbdulahLaying emphasis upon dialogue once again the J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday stressed that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India as it has acceded to India, but required a treatment to resolve the political crisis within the state.

Speaking to media after inaugurating the Civil Secretariat office in the state’s winter capital, Abdullah said that Jammu and Kashmir had already acceded to India and is the country’s integral part.

“Jammu and Kashmir had already acceded to India and was the country’s integral part yet it requires a political treatment so that peace can be resorted,” Omar said while answering a question.

When asked about his recent remarks resolving the ‘Kashmir issue’ on the pattern of an arrangement in Northern Ireland, Omar said, “There were many proposals from different quarters, National Conference had its proposal, Congress has its own, PDP had its own and BJP too has its own model.”

All such proposals should be sent to centre for discussions, he said, adding, “Dialogue is the only way of resolving the Kashmir imbroglio.”

Meanwhile, replying a query he criticized the separatists in valley for not participating in the dialogue process with New Delhi. Once again inviting separatists to dialogue table, he said, “It is them (separatists) who have to decide but we can’t force them to sit across the table.”

To a question regarding ‘Modi wave’, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said it would be wrong to say there is a ‘Modi wave’ but he (Modi) has some affect in the elections.

Loading CRISIS

Police submitted the ‘conclusive’ report of Zahid Iqbal case to the court. Giving details of the case the District Police Authorities stated that Srinagar police fished out a body of a missing person Zahid Iqbal Bhat son of Mohammad Iqbal resident of Padshi Bagh, Srinagar from river Jhelum on August 26, 2013.

Blaming load shedding for the unscheduled power cuts in valley, Chief Engineer Power development department (PDD) on Monday said the department is expected to announce the new power curtailment schedule for the coming winter in near future and that the schedule would be same as last year.

Chief engineer PDD Bashir Ahmad Khan said that the department has observed extra load of power consumption during the recent past and that the power curtailment will be similar to that of the previous year this winter. “It is expected that the power supply in non-metered areas would remain suspended twice in a week and in metered areas it would be once in a week.”

Khan said that the main reason for the power curtailment this winter is due to over load in the system. “We have capacity of 1000MWs and the consumption is 1100, last year we have 1025 MWs consumption in valley,” Khan said, adding that due to the early arrival of the cold wave in valley, the consumption has reached far more than what was expected.

PDD chief further stated that the usage of heaters and extra gadgets has hiked the consumption graph and that the usage of ‘illegal’ power connections worsens the situation.

When asked about the illegal supply being provided to ‘influential’ citizens of the state, Khan said that they do not have any criteria for the electricity supply here. “We just have names in the record whether the person is common or having high profile, everyone is equal.”

Answering the question that the metered areas do not get the committed supply of electricity here, PDD Chief Engineer accused that people in the metered areas are involved in ‘Hooking’ and due to that the power supply to these areas get affected. “We do not get as much revenue as is expected in the metered areas, people there bypass the meters.” He further stated that the department cannot have the inspection squad in every corner of the valley and that people must understand that meters are for their own benefit.

Admitting NEXUS

Taj-MohiudinAt the time when the High Court has sought the government’s response against the doctors allegedly accepting gifts and monetary benefits from pharmaceutical companies, the government on Saturday admitted that some doctors are involved in getting benefits from the Pharmaceutical companies.

“This is true that some doctors are involved in this activity. Though maximum medicines are available in the hospitals but the doctors doing private practice prescribe the medicines of particular companies to get the monetary benefits,” Taj Mohi-ud-Din the Minister for Medical Education said.

“Such doctors do not have any conscience and get easily involved. Despite the fact that the government warned these doctors time and again but they don’t stop indulging in this kind of malpractice. Now the government has decided to be tough against these erring doctors and more over the medicines will be subjected to a thorough testing,” he said.

Stating that the government does not have any problem if the companies produce quality medicine, Taj said that the production of substandard medicine by any company will not be tolerated. “The doctors should also exhibit their responsibility by prescribing only the genuine medicine to the suffering patients, “he added.

When asked why the private practice is not completely banned till now he said, “HOD’s have already been instructed to carry out the private practice in the Hospitals. However we are waiting for the Supreme Court decision, as soon as some decision comes from the Supreme Court the private practice will be completely banned and uprooted,” he said.

Replying to a query, whether the government is likely to take action against the Medical representatives who motivate doctors to prescribe particular medicines Taj said, “The job of medical representatives is to aware the doctors about the new medicine of their companies. So blaming them is unfair, but the matter of the concern is the doctors who blindly just for the sake of some benefits play with the life of innocent patients.”

Reliable sources said that a close nexus is going on between some doctors and few lesser known pharmaceutical companies.

“A drug mafia is running in the hospitals to fleece patients. Some doctors are helping these companies to flourish and get the due share for that,” sources said

 “The names of these pharmaceutical companies don’t even exist in the list of reputed companies that produce quality medicines,” sources said.


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