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Raucous UNITS

syed-ali-shah-geelani_7While reacting on the creation of new administrative units and the situation arising out of it, chairman, Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani said that although the administrative changes are a routine and normal practice but he added that this is a plan to change the discourse.

“Through these changes India, its agents and their supporters want to change the discourse and divert the attention of people from the reality and seriousness of Kashmir dispute and present the changes as an act of kindness towards the people,” Geelani said.

In a statement issued from his New Delhi’s residence, Geelani said that setting up of Tehsil headquarters or blocks in any village or town will not make any big difference on these areas and can’t solve the basic problem of Kashmiri people. He said that the areas that are granted Tehsils or Blocks will not be provided free electricity, ration or water.

Lashing out at India over its attitude towards Kashmir dispute, separatist leader said, “New-Delhi is busy in looting our precious natural resources and the pro-Indian parties are enjoying powers, salaries and luxurious life to maintain criminal silence,” the statement quoting Geelani said.

Expressing his distress over the groups of people who make hue and cry and celebrate these minor administrative changes, Geelani said that they are those people who “get benefited from these pro-Indian parties and forget these sacrifices which are daily spilling their hot blood on this soil.”

He said that even though these ‘beneficiaries of pro-Indian parties’ are very few in number, but with the backing of state administration “these people are harming over national identity and are making majority of population as their hostage and for their personnel benefits they are making sell-out of our national sacrifices.’

“The Indian Rulers or their stooges have nothing to do with our interests. The authorities in New Delhi are using these types of acts as tools to strengthen the military rule and the National Conference, Congress, PDP and other local Pro-Indian parties are helping them (New-Delhi) in every possible way only to get the power,” the statement said.

He said that even though the ruling collation will try to use these new creations as vote bank politics and election stunt, but there will be no change on ground.

He further added that by appointing a native as chief minister of Jammu Kashmir, Home Ministry of India is harming the Kashmir cause, because it gets difficult for the outer world to understand the reality of Kashmir that India has forcibly occupied it and the people of Kashmir are struggling against this occupation.



Scholarship OUTLET

Around 23 Kashmiri students pursuing Bachelor of Pharmacy at Shekhawati College of Pharmacy in Rajasthan who have been evicted from the campus and hostel following non-release of payment from the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) Thursday staged a protest in Press Enclave Srinagar alleging that Government of India in a well planned manner is hell-bent to ruin the future of Kashmiri students.

The students along with their parents staged a protest and said that under PMSSS their future was ruined. “Some 15 days ago the College authorities forced us to leave the College following the non-release of scholarship fund. The PMSSS fund has not been released into the college accounts despite the fact that we have fulfilled all formalities,” one of the students, Ahsan Ali said.

“In September 2012, we submitted all our documents and forms through a Kashmiri NGO along with the affidavit certifying that we have not availed any other scholarship. We were promised full scholarship as we are from Below Poverty Line (BPL) category and we fulfilled the criteria required for the same. We were shocked when College authorities stopped us from attending the classes and directed us to leave the College,” one of the students Raja Rameez Ahmed Dar said.

Pertinently, few days ago, at least 40 Kashmiri students who had sought admission under Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme had been asked to vacate the college in Haryana.

A delegation of parents from different districts of Kashmir Valley said that their wards had joined Saweera Group of Institutions located in Farooq Nagar, Gurgoan Haryana on promise of scholarship under the PMSSS.

“These 40 students had joined the College in August 2012 with the help of an educational consultancy. However, the students have been asked to vacate the college after the authorities realized that MHRD may not release their scholarship amount,” they said.

“Our children were admitted in this college with the promise that MHRD will grant us scholarship. But after studying in the college for last two years they are being forced to leave the college. We are so disturbed and anxious about the future of our children,” Abdul Majid from Kupwara said.

The parents said that they brought the issue into the notice of Higher Education Minister as well but there was no positive outcome. They appealed to the government to look into the matter and secure the future of these students.

Seriously,  SAROORI?

SarooriFormer Congress minister, G M Saroori who was acquitted by the State Accountability Commission (SAC) in an old case, Thursday alleged that he was accused of irregularities that Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had committed while holding the Roads and Buildings portfolio. Saroori was given a clean chit by SAC on Wednesday.

“In fact it was the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah himself holding the charge and running the affairs,” he said.

In his defence Saroori ‘revealed the facts’ to the commission by saying that according to the orders attached with few papers during the months of April, May & June 2009 the information sought during the period, but, he was not holding the charge of PWD /R&B Department at that time.

“In front of the commission‘s full bench comprised of justice Hakim Imtiaz and Justice Nargotra, Saroori’s advocate Tahir Shamsi put the arguments with authority by revealing that the enquiry period was being held by Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir himself so either he should be summoned for answering or the case should be dismissed immediately,” he added.

Pertinently, it was alleged that during his stint as minister near about two thousand works were allotted without tendering. One person namely Mushtaq Ahmed resident of Srinagar alleged that the former minster sanctioned two thousand works in PWD R&B department without formal tendering upon which SAC conducted the detailed enquiry and came to the conclusion by dismissing the case completely.

“During the visits of chief minister to Srinagar, the department was told to execute the work at their own disposal without following the formalities like tendering,” he said.

Saroori asserted that according to an RTI information which commission put forward the statement of an engineer said that such works were ordered by “none else than chief minister himself by asserting that sometimes such works need to be execute by keeping the interest of the people and the development of the area in mind.”

The statement said that the person who put forward the complaint in SAC neither appeared in court for last one and half year nor succeeded in providing any concrete proofs to the court.

Threatened WITNESS

Papa-Kishtwari-VictimAn eyewitness to the disappearance and killing of Nishat Contractor allegedly at the hands of notorious government gunman Ghulam Ahmed Lone aka Papa Kishtwari Tuesday deposed before the Court and alleged that he could not depose before the Court from past five years because some government agency gunmen are constantly threatening and harassing him.

According to Srinagar based news gathering agency, the Papa Kishtwari case was listed before the Additional District Judge Subhash Chandra Gupta lower court Srinagar. Prosecution produced an eyewitness namely Nazir Ahmed Sheikh. Due to absence of Defense lawyer, the eyewitness deposed before the Court and claimed that some Government Agency gunmen are constantly threatening and harassing him.

“This is the only reason why I was not deposing before the court from past five years,” the witness told the Court.

The eyewitness further said that he is being constantly monitored by the government agencies. He also said that he is being asked not to say anything against Papa Kishtwari.

After hearing the witness the Court assured him full security, while travelling from his native place to court on the next date of hearing which is on Feb 22 this month.


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