No Need to Discuss Beef Ban in Assembly: Government



Stating that there was no need to discuss beef ban issue in the Assembly, Jammu and Kashmir government spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar Tuesday said that the “case was successfully pleaded” in the Supreme Court.

Akhtar who spoke to KNS outside Assembly complex on third day of on-going Autumn session said, “the beef ban issue was sub- judice and was government took it to the higher forum (Supreme Court) and successfully pleaded there.”

“The beef issue has not cropped up in the present times or such law has not been framed by the present government. That law is very old and issue came into public domain through litigation and to meet that litigation government took it to the higher forum,” he said.

He said that even “King of Kashmir” Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah and his son NC president Farooq Abdullah did not scrap the law.

“There was no need to discuss the issue in the assembly as it was already in the court,” he added.

He said that disallowing discussion on the beef ban issue in the assembly did not give up the authority of the assembly.

He alleged that authority of the assembly was given up by the Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah in 1975. “The authority of the assembly has been given up by the Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah who in July 1975 accepted that there will be no change in the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir without the consent of the president of the India,” he said.

Meanwhile, Akhtar said that the government would never compromise on Article 370 and would not sell it like National Conference allegedly sold Autonomy, J&K Bank and power projects.

PDP- BJP government spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar told KNS that NC was creating ruckus over the Article 35 A only to grab headlines and alleged that party has sold autonomy, J&K bank and power projects.

“We will never compromise on Article 370. It is cause of every person. We will fight for it and will fight for it seriously,” he said.

“We will not do it the way NC did to exploit people by selling these assets and then beat their chests,” he said.

He said that if NC was serious to fight for article 370 it should take the right path not through creating ruckus in the house which they only do for grabbing the headlines.


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