No power on earth can merge Jammu Kashmir with India: Hurriyat Conference (G)



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Hurriyat Conference led by octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that no power on earth can merge Jammu Kashmir with India.

In a statement issued here, a spokesperson of the amalgam said that since 1947, Indian authorities and their “stooges” despite their military might, couldn’t break our resolve and people of Jammu and Kashmir have been committed and determined to follow and take the mission of “martyrs” to its logical end.

Reacting to the statement of Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh, wherein he said that “no power can separate Kashmir from India “, the spokesperson said that people in J&K are pursuing the cause of right to self-determination for which the youth have sacrificed their precious lives.

“Nirmal Singh and those at the helm of affairs should note that with their military might, they can kill, resort to devastation and destructions, cage people, however they can’t deny the fact that international community has recognised the disputed nature and status of Jammu and Kashmir.”

The spokesperson said that despite all bullying and “state sponsored” repression, people in Jammu and Kashmir are determined and committed to pursue their cherished mission of freedom.

Denouncing “state aggression”, the spokesman said, that the more atrocities inflicted and more aggressive approach will definitely infuse spirits and those pursuing the mission will emerge as stronger. “If they want to give peace a chance in sub-continent, then Indian authorities instead of bullying and relying on military power should come with logic and behave rational in their approach.”

“People of Jammu and Kashmir while following the leadership of Syed Ali Geelani have strong point and case and hence don’t shy from negotiations,” he said while blaming India for disrupting peace in South Asia.


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