No Rains, Snow This Week: MeT



Meteorological department has predicted a spell of dry weather for the next one week as a “feeble” Western Disturbance (WD) hauls itself away from the Valley.

The outgoing WD, officials said, has led to the cloudy conditions which may persist for one more day before sun eventually breaks out.

“There is no prediction for snow or rain for the next one week,” Director MeT, Sonam Lotus told Kashmir Life.

On Wednesday, over-casted sky fuelled apprehensions about an “imminent” wet weather coinciding with reports that it might snow on Friday.

On Monday, rains and snow lashed parts of Kashmir valley sending temperatures plummet by several degrees. The region is in the midst of the 40-day harsh cold season commencing with the winter solstice on December 21 when day length constriction stops.


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