No Security Lapse, ‘Chinese Drone’ was Brought for Covering Marriage Function: SSP Kishtwar  


On Wednesday a Chinese made drone fitted with a camera was seized by police after it crashed near high-security Kishtwar jail, raising alarms. 

The incident compelled the local SSP to give a press briefing clearing that the drone was not spying anything but belongs to a local teenage boy who along with his two friends had bought it for a marriage function.

“While investigating the matter, a minor boy along with his two friends approached a police officer and claimed ownership of the drone,” said the police official. He also said that the boys had bought the drone from an online shopping website amazon and were trying it in Chowgam ground.

“They lost the control of the drone due to the technical error which made it to fly towards the north of the town and later it crashed,” he further said.

While addressing the media, Shakti K Patak, SSP Kishtwar, said, “This issue was given so much hype which created a psychosis among common masses which should be avoided in the future.”

The officer has further appealed the general public and marriage function organisers to inform police about using of any drone by them to avoid any ‘security’ related confusion in future.


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