Noted Journalist Mudasir Ali Is No More

SRINAGAR: Noted journalist Mudasir Ali, who was the Greater Kashmir newspaper senior correspondent, died of a cardiac arrest on Friday morning.

Mudasir Ali

A resident of Chrar-e-Sharief, he has been working with Greater Kashmir throughout. He joined the organisation while he was pursuing his post-graduation in media studies at the University of Kashmir. He was also contributing to the Wire website as well. His brother Jehangir Ali, also a journalist broke the news on Facebook. He was around 37. He was an efficient and thorough journalist with no interests but news.

Ali’s colleagues said he said he had chest pain and then he collapsed. He was driven to the hospital at around 2 am but he had died already. His colleagues said he was working from his home on Thursday.

Mudasir had suffered a leg injury in a road accident – he would drive a bike and was restricted to the home. Last night, he was working with his editors till 12 am and did a lot of video meetings as well. Some of his colleagues had set a meeting for him to see a doctor today. Past midnight, he has complained of chest pain and was driven to a hospital in Srinagar. He died while being transported to the hospital.

“We would consider him the healthiest of us all,” Rashid Mukhdoomi, the Greater Kashmir publisher said. “It is shocked to the core of our hearts.”


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