Now, Mufti Menk Showers Praise On Kashmir, Its Hospitality, People

by Minhaj Masoodi

SRINAGAR: Seemingly, Islamic scholar Mufti Menk who is communicating with millions of his followers seems to have some communication issue with his own office. His office’s statement on his Kashmir visit was contrary to what he personally has said.

Mufti Menk announced his Srinagar arrival on Instagram on October 7, 2021

Early October, a stir was manufactured on social media, so much so that while departing Kashmir, Mufti Menk’s office issued a statement over his brief sojourn in Kashmir. It seemed that he was leaving with a bitter taste from a region, which is known for its hospitality. His office even said the Mufti may never consider revisiting Kashmir.

‘May Allah Almighty Protect Us From Kashmiri Gatherings,’ Mufti Menk On His Kashmir Visit

But if his recent post and comments are anything to go by, Menk seems to have a communication gap with his own office despite himself being a world-renowned speaker and communicator.

While his office issued a statement that was condescending and demeaning Kashmiris and their culture, even going to the length of saying that “Allah protect us from Kashmiri gatherings”, his recent comments present a totally different picture- one of having enjoyed his visit while lauding Kashmiris for their hospitality and appreciating its cuisine as well as scenery.

In one of the comments by Menk on his post that was uploaded on Instagram by him, he has praised Kashmiri people and their hospitality. He posted a video of Kashmiri Kehwa being served in a cup on his Instagram handle with the caption, “Nothing beats the Original Kashmiri Qahwah! No matter how long the journey, the first sip rejuvenates almost completely.”

The video seems to have been shot during his stay at a hotel during in the valley.

Now that the hot waters have cooled down, Menk seems to have enjoyed his visit to the Himalayan region or at least that is what his comment to one of the users on the post seems to suggest.

“AsalamuAlykum .. Sir. How did you felt in Kashmir? (sic)” the question read from the Instagram user.

“Amazing place, amazing people, lovely hospitality and beautiful scenery. Alhamdulillah ❤️❤️,” read Menk’s reply.

Mufti Menk had visited Kashmir valley to officiate over a Nikkah ceremony of a former minister’s son, but little did he know that he would find himself caught in the crossfire of Kashmir’s heated political discourse. A consciously apolitical visit eventually ended in politics.

Why Was Mufti Menk Controversy A Storm In A Tea Cup?

Such was the bashing that he received that Menk’s office issued a statement through two Srinagar based newspapers saying, “With the type of comments, abuse and threats received, I doubt he would ever consider visiting Kashmir again.”

“May Allah Almighty protect us from Kashmiri gatherings. You never know who might be sitting next to you and the whole of Kashmir will begin to swear at you,” Menk’s office had said in the statement.

Now, Mufti Ismail Menk has a second thought. Possible, he might have studied Kashmir.


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