NYC Calls Off Strike Amid Jubilation As Govt Vows Action



NYC with Dr Drabu

The protesters of National Youth Corps (NYC) Tuesday called off their fast unto death strike amid jubilation as government pledged budgetary allocation for them in the forthcoming assembly session scheduled to begin in January next year.

“This is not the issue of just NYC, this is the issue of 7000 Kashmiri families,” Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu told to cheering NYC audience. “The government is keen to resolve your issue in a manner which is sustainable. We do not want it to recur.”

Drabu promised to raise their issue in the forthcoming assembly session. “I will make an allocation so that your genuine demands are realized. We will chalk out a road map to solve your problem once and for all,” he said. “I hope you all well be satisfied.”

He also said that government has hopes with the package that central government is likely to announce on 7th of next month when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits.

He hailed NYC for their “extra ordinary patience” and praised the way they protested keeping in with a “democratic decorum.”


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