Of Friends & Friendship


One who lives in solitude can be either an angel or a beast. There is no possibility to live in seclusion in present world that demands social bonding. Feelings like sorrow, guilt and hardships make man feel the necessity of friendship which is simply defined as feeling of mutual regard and attachment.

Friendship is important and needless to mention, inevitable. A friendless man stands alone. But anyone, whom we meet and converse with, cannot be trusted as a friend. It is desirable that we select our friends with greatest care. When we win them, we should take care not to lose them. Shakespeare says,

Those friends thou, and hast their adoption tried

Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel

True friendship demands certain qualities in friend. These are sacrifice, forgiveness, reverence and mutual love. A true friend is not a heavenly-born, rather he/she is very earthy but possess heavenly qualities of head and heart. He/she is one who remains with us through thick and thin. He/she is a great corrector of our faults, a comfort in our sorrows, a companion in desolation and an aide in helplessness. His/her counsel, sympathy and succor lightens our anxieties.

A true friend nurtures our innovations and at the same time daunts our bogus and absurd ideas. A true friend channelizes our energy towards worthwhile pursuits. He/she inculcates prowess in us so as to make us an admirable Crichton. He/she makes our surroundings elated. Every single word uttered by him/her seems to work like a wand and fills us with immense zeal.

A true friend should be right-minded and his discipline should be real and genuine. He/she should be gallant enough to stand with us in time of need. Alas! True friendship is as rare as it is beautiful.

Author is a I Ind year student of  B.Sc Bio Chemistry at Women College, Srinagar

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