Gujjar Bakarwal Advisory Board Also Demands Cabinet Status

KL Report


Expressing its dismay over not giving cabinet rank status to the Gujar Advisory Board Chairman, Gujar Bakerwal student’s federation has alleged that the state coalition government is showing partial attitude towards their community.In a Press Conference at winter capital Jammu, on Tuesday, the federation took several burning issues related to Gujjar Bakerwal community.

“There is special provision in the constitution of India regarding administration of the Tribal Community. But the present collation government is not taking care of these constitutional provisions. The government takes funds from central government but these funds are not properly distributed,” The federation asked the government.

It demanded a cabinet rank status to Gujar  Advisory Board on the same pattern as was given to the Pahari Advisory Board Chairman. It demanded political reservation for the Gujjar Bakerwal Community which comprises of good percentage of the state population. The leaders of the federation said that the Gujjar Bakerwal community is already facing a lot of hardships due to their economic conditions and less education and the present and previous governments had done nothing to improve their upliftment.

“At one side government says that it is doing everything for the welfare of the community and assures the economic and educational upliftment of the community but there is nothing like this in policies and actions of the government,” the federation leaders said.

The State President of the federation warned the government that if the demand of giving cabinet rank to Gujjar Bakerwal Advisory Board was not fulfilled, they will come on the roads.

Pertinent to mention that the chief minister Omar Abdullah recently at the time of cabinet reshuffle gave Kafeel-ul-Rahman, a cabinet status after he refused to take over as the chairman of the Pahari Advisory Board.


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