Omar Announces New Commitee For New Administrtaive Units

KL Report


Announcing the constitution of an expert committee to look into the claims of people of left out areas in the Cabinet Sub-Committee Report for creation of new administrative units, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Wednesday said that the new Committee would be asked to finalize its report within three months to be presented before the Cabinet for final decision.

“I appreciate the Members of the Cabinet Sub-Committee led by the Deputy Chief Minister for visiting every nook and corner of the State and finalizing the report regarding creation of new administrative units taking full consideration of the norms and other parameters. However, it is being felt that the genuine claim of a few areas which have not found place in the Report need consideration to deliver justice to the people”, he said and added that the aspirations of the people of these areas would be given due consideration by the committee of experts so that their genuine claims are properly looked into.

Replying to the discussions on the Motion of Thanks for Governor for his address to the Joint Session of both the Houses of Jammu and Kashmir Legislature on 10th of February, the Chief Minister while paying his gratitude to the Governor for delivering the address, expressed dismay over the behaviour of the principal opposition party (PDP) for disturbing the discipline and decorum of the Joint Session and compelling the Governor to shorten his speech.

Omar Abdullah said that the principal opposition party (PDP) is habitual of creating pandemonium in the House as they do not tolerate the truth about the peace and development that has rooted fast in the State during the last five years and is amply visible on the ground. “It is most painful and shameful that the member of this party created an unpalatable and disturbing situation in the Joint Session of the two Houses and disturbed the address of the Governor”, he said and added that the Members of this party are in the wrong notion that their habit of noise making, furniture breaking and dancing on the tables in the well of Houses earn them praises.

“People dislike and condemn this kind of attitude of their representatives because they have voted them to voice their demands in the Legislature and not to indulge in remaining absent from the Houses and not discussing the issues of urgent public importance”, he said and termed PDP and BJP as propagandist parties nurturing on fooling the people through misinformation and falsehood. He said both the parties are hobnobbing secretly and hatching conspiracies against democratic forces in the State.

The Chief Minister said that PDP is so much so frustrated by witnessing the peace conditions rooting fast in the State and development graph showing conspicuous upward growth year after year that it wants to give a false notion to the Country by dubbing the normalcy and peace conditions in the State as ‘deceptive and forced calm’. He said they try to use this phraseology as propaganda to belittle the achievements of the Coalition Government and the commitment of people towards peace and development. He said they want to give an impression as if the prisons of the State are full of prisoners, people are afraid and do not want to live their normal life. He said PDP sells this contention to create confusion in the minds of people outside the Country as they are most disturbed by witnessing the turnaround in the conditions in the State which have helped to fast track the development and expand economic activities and employment generation for the youth.


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