Omar Cautions People Against Attempts On Communal Harmony

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Cautioning the people of the attempts by a particular political party (BJP) to create communal tension and divide the people in the name of religion and region, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Monday said that the rally of December 1st announced by BJP in Jammu is aimed at this target.

The Chief Minister said that the leaders in this rally will talk of abrogation of Article 370, discrimination between Kashmir and Jammu and other emotional issues. “They will criticize all leaders right from Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to Dr. Farooq Abdullah for political situation in Jammu and Kashmir to attempt create hatred between Hindus and Muslims, Kashmir and Jammu for vote bank politics as has been their trait always”, he said adding that this party (BJP) wants to divide the society for vote bank consideration.

“All are aware that when they (BJP leadership) are out of power they raise sensitive issues and flair up the emotions of people but when in power they shut the lid of their Pandora’s Box and never raise such matters”, he said and asked the people to be cautious about their designs of making Jammu and Kashmir a germination ground of communalism and hatred. “Give them befitting reply by showing your unity and commitment for solidarity, communal harmony and brotherhood”, he told the people.

Addressing a  public gathering after laying foundation of Sangar Bridge over River Tawi in Village Challana of Nagrota Assembly Constituency of Jammu district, the Chief Minister said that the brotherly party of BJP in the State, PDP also thrives on falsehood and playing similar cards to divide the people on emotional grounds.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) tries to find every fault in Omar Abdullah, the Chief Minister said adding that if the water rises in Tawi, drought takes place in any area, anyone sells medical seats or any political problem emerges in the State, PDP blames Omar Abdullah because it considers him the biggest road block in their designs to astray people by falsehood and propagandist approach. “Though, I am of 40+2 years of age yet they blame me for the things which have happened even 60 years earlier right from the line of independence”, he said and added that it vindicates PDP’s venom against him. He said that PDP leadership perhaps does not digest their food without blaming Omar Abdullah 24×7. “One wonders if they are doing it under some spell”.

“In 2010 when the law and order situation was challenging in Jammu and Kashmir, PDP camped at Delhi to convince the Centre Government that ‘everything will be all right in Kashmir if Omar is shifted’. PDP leadership is in a habit of sounding different tones. It says something in Kashmir, other thing in Jammu and another in Delhi”, he said adding that PDP in Kashmir says that Pak currency should be introduced in Jammu and Kashmir, in Jammu its leadership pretends and tell on oath that they are only Indians and loyalist of all to the Union of India, and at Delhi this party says that Omar Abdullah is the only stone in their road.

Omar Abdullah said that parties like BJP and PDP try their best to create tension in the society and take advantage of the divide. He said National Conference and Congress are the parties which stand for brotherhood, communal amity and unity. “Congress and NC are always at the receiving end when communal elements wedge apart society on communal, sectarian and regional grounds”, he said.

“Both the two parties NC and Congress received losses in 2008 elections by the communal tension and charged situation created by communal forces”, Omar Abdullah said adding that had that not been the case the number of legislators of these parties would have been definitely more. He said that the designs of communal parties could be foiled when NC and Congress will jointly defeat them at all levels. He also mentioned the early attempts of BJP to put Jammu on flames by flaring up the Kishtwar incident and attempting to expand it to other areas in Jammu Division.

Omar Abdullah also referred to the medical seats selling scam and said that the top level officer involved in this sinful act exhibits the inhuman, dishonest, callous and most unscrupulous behaviour of corrupt officers, who do not care for the careers and lives of young children. “They forget the doom’s day and the justice of Almighty. What reply they will have for their sins”, he questioned the corrupt officers and said that his government take stern action against all such elements.

The Chief Minister thanked the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their help to restore tranquility and law and order in the State. He said it was the faith of people in him and their active role to help maintaining calm that the coalition government was able to restore normalcy in the State. He said the present days are the most conducive days in the State in last 25 years. “Peace is pre-requisite to the development and prosperity”, Omar Abdullah said and appealed the people to play their important role in maintaining harmony between various sections of the society and the regions in the State. He asked the people to continue extending their support to him and his government to seek prosperity.

On development, the Chief Minister said that the promises made by coalition government are being fulfilled one after one. “We have made new strides and laid edifice for peaceful and economically sound Jammu and Kashmir”, he said adding that though everything has not been achieved in full yet the march on road to progress is firm and the intension of government to take the State to the new highs of prosperity and stability is sincere and clear.

The Chief Minister referred to the path-breaking initiatives taken by his government to curb the corruption, bring transparency and give power to the people to scan the functioning of the government. He also referred to the benefits of Public Services Guarantee Act and said that this kind of law to ensure time bound service delivery has not even been passed in the Parliament despite threats of hunger strike by various leaders. “My government has brought some 70 services under the ambit of PSGA to ensure their delivery in a time bound manner and making the erring officials liable for fine for failing to deliver the particular services in a fixed time frame”, he said and asked the people to take best advantage of this Act.

The Chief Minister mentioned the works undertaken by his government in Jammu district and said that during the last over 4 years 2250 kilometres of roads have been blacktopped in the district besides upgrading 3500 kilometres to different stages of development. He said 1061 kilometres of new roads have been constructed in the district besides completing 50 small bridges in the district at a cost of Rs. 60.76 crores. He said six road projects at a cost of about Rs. 70 crores under CFR are being executed presently.

The Chief Minister said that as many as 260 new schools have been opened in Jammu district during the last over 4 years while 46 middle schools have been upgraded to high school level and 243 EGS to primary school level. He said 1133 ReTs have been engaged and 459 EVs elevated as ReTs. He said 48 higher secondary buildings have been constructed in the district during this period.

The Chief Minister referred to the financial status of Jammu and Kashmir and said that the special focus his government has put special focus on the generation of indigenous hydro energy would give economic stability to the State. He said presently the total income of the State by all resources is Rs. 6500 crore while as the annual salary of government employees has risen to Rs. 13,500 crore and the State has to bear the electricity losses to the tune of Rs. 2000 crore per year. “I am thankful to Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson, Sonia Gandhi for extending liberal financial support to the State to help its faster development and welfare of the people”, he said and wished the return of UPA Government once again at the Central so that Jammu and Kashmir State would continue to get enhanced support for all round development.

Omar Abdullah said that since power production is the choicest and best means for Jammu and Kashmir to achieve financial self-reliance as such his government has started various mega, medium and small hydro electro projects in the State. He said during the last over 4 years projects of 1500 MWs have been launched in the State as against 750 MW projects constructed since independence.




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