Omar dares Mufti to scrap AFSPA

KL Report


The former chief minister Omar Abdullah while saying he is sorry for not revoking AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir during his tenure, Thursday dared the chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to scarp it from the state.

According to KNS correspondent, the NC working president Omar Abdullah while speaking on the motion of Thanks on the Governor’s address said that he tried hard to revoke the black laws from the state of Jammu and Kashmir but couldn’t do so in his tenure.

“I worked hard for the revocation of AFSPA and was much hopeful that the process of its revocation will begin in my tenure as the chief minister of the state. I feel sorry that I couldn’t do the same time; I must say that the cabinet of the present dispensation has enough powers to revoke AFSPA from JK,” Omar said.

He added that of the PDP has the better understanding with its coalition partner BJP then the AFSPA could be easily revoked. “You were targeting me for undermining the authority of CM’s chair. Now the power lies with you. Why are you bringer centre in the middle. Revoke the law here if you have the authority.”

Omar also stated that no one has the power to scarp 370 and state’s special status and that the PDP is projecting its CMP as a gift from BJP that it will not fiddle with state’s special status.

Cornering the government over its claims for holding dialogue with the stakeholders including Pakistan, Omar stated that the resolution has been passed by the parliament  to bring back the part of Kashmir which has been ‘illegally occupied by Pakistan’. What type of dialogue will you initiate with the stake holders?  The truth is that the government is trying to befool people by its much hyped CMP,” Omar said.

He also spoke about the issue of the west Pak refugees and asked the government to come clear over its policy over them.


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