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Angry Pandits raised anti chief minister slogans as Omar Abdullah made his entry in the Kherbhawani Mandir in Ganderbal district on Monday. The situation compelled IG Kashmir to stay even after the chief minister left the spot only to persuade Pandits.

The chief minister reached Kherbhawani  Mandir where a large number of Pandits had gathered for yearly Kherbhawani Mela. As they saw chief minister, the pandits started raising slogans against him. The angry Pandits raised slogans like, “Omar Abdullah Hai Hai”.

IG Kashmir, A G Mir tried his best to persuade the protesting Pandits but they did not stop their slogans. Amidst tension and chaos the chief minister left the spot in hurry.

The IG remained inside the Mandir to persuade the Pandits and it was after a long time that situation turned to normal.

“The state government has made no arrangements in Kherbhawani, it is confined only to issuance of statements,” Harday Nath, a middle aged Pandit told Kashmir Life, adding it was because we raised slogans against him.

Another Pandit Sohan Lal, trying to clarify said, “The state government is making mockery of Pandit migration, it is stating that Pandits should return but does not take any practical steps for the implementation of its statements”.



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