Omar Govt Exhibits Andher Nagri Chopat Raj: PDP

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned the arrest of two employees of power development department(PDD) in Sumbal Sonawari reportedly at the behest of NC.

In a statement the chief spokesman of the party Naeem Akhtar said the two employees have been arrested apparently without any valid reason only to satisfy the ego of a minister who represents the area.

Giving details of the incident the spokesman said it has been reported that the electric transformer of village Trigam had broken down some time back causing darkness in the entire village for many days. When the PDD failed to repair the transformer and restore electricity the residents raised donations and procured a transformer on rent till their own transformer was received back. This entire process was carried out through the local panchayat who persuaded the PDD officials to install the rented transformer till permanent arrangement was made.

This according to the reports received by the PDP annoyed  the NC and its local leadership who reportedly under the orders of the minister got two officials of PDD arrested for none of their faults. Some villagers have also been booked and criminal proceedings have been started against them.

Describing this episode as a classic case of Andher Nagri Chopat Raj, Akhtar said Omar Abdullah government is implementing this saying in the very literal sense. On the one hand the government has reintroduced its trade mark era of darkness in Kashmir and on the other hand the people are punished even for trying to provide themselves a temporary relief through community efforts. Akhtar demanded immediate release of the officials and withdrawal of cases against them and the residents of Trigam.


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