Omar reaches Tral, praises Rahul

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Addressing a workers meeting at Tral in Pulwama district of South Kashmir, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who is also the Working President of National Conference Friday said that PDP thrives on falsehood and has a habit of fishing in troubled waters to fool the people with their hollow slogans and speeches.

 Omar said that PDP was acting as a proxy ally of the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir and is following the diktats of Narendra Modi to fragment and fracture the voice of our people. He said that it was BJP that founded PDP in Jammu and Kashmir to carry forward its agenda of ‘divide and rule’ and to flare up communal tensions and regional animosity in the State. Omar Abdullah said that the Mufti father-daughter duo is a part of this conspiracy and by providing tactical support to BJP in the current Parliamentary Elections they were finally repaying the debt they owe to BJP for their political existence.

 The Working President of National Conference said that despite the communal agenda, totalitarian approach and overt animosity harbored against Jammu and Kashmir by Narendra Modi, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti are openly supporting BJP and Narendra Modi for their personal ambitions of power.

Omar said that Rahul Gandhi symbolized the secular, democratic traditions and ethos of the country and is a leader who carries all sections of the society with him without any prejudice or bias. Omar Abdullah said that Rahul Gandhi was a time-tested and consistent friend of the people of Jammu & Kashmir and has empathized with them at every given opportunity. “We want him and UPA-III to be in power at the Centre to safeguard the pluralistic and secular democratic traditions of India besides protecting the interests of Jammu and Kashmir and its people”, he said adding that people have to make a choice between a Modi who represents authoritarian and communal politics and a young, dynamic Rahul Gandhi who has emerged as the champion of inclusiveness and secularism in the country. Rahul Gandhi represents the modern India of today where all sections of society have equal opportunities and avenues for growth, justice and development.

 Omar said that this Parliament Election was for electing the Parliament Members and eventually the next Prime Minister of India and not MLAs and the Chief Minister of the State. “It has nothing to do with the Election of MLAs or the Chief Minister. That occasion will be before you in November this year and we will fight those elections on the basis of our historic achievements in governance and development during the last five and a half years”, he said maintaining that all votes caste against the NC-Congress Coalition Candidates would automatically be votes cast in favor of Narendra Modi. “It is hence necessary to vote for the NC-Congress Colaition Candidates to ensure that communal forces represented by BJP and helped by PDP do not come to power. That would be a dangerous consequence for the country in general and for Jammu and Kashmir in particular”.

 “NC and Congress have a  clear agenda to strengthen communal harmony and secular traditions in the country besides ensuring equitable development of all sections of the society and also safeguarding Article 370 so that we could keep working for the holistic development of Jammu and Kashmir”.


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