Omar says Mufti duo ‘Amit Shahs of Modi’ in J&K

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Taking on PDP heavily, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, who is also Working President of National Conference Wednesday said that Mufti duo are acting as ‘Amit Shahs’ of Narendra Modi in Jammu and Kashmir adding that PDP and BJP have entered into a clandestine alliance to supplement and compliment each other. He said that voting in favour of PDP will amount to voting for BJP.

Addressing election rallies at Homeshalibug, Kulgam and Devsar in favour of NC-Congress joint candidate from South Kashmir Lok Sabha Constituency – Dr. Mehboob Baig, Omar Abdullah said that the only aim of PDP to fight Lok Sabha Elections is to provide tactical support to Narendra Modi and BJP by dividing voters on communal and regional lines in Jammu and Kashmir, a party statement said.

The Working President of National Conference said that fielding of candidates by PDP in Jammu-Poonch and Udhampur-Doda Lok Sabha Constituencies of Jammu Division speak loud and clear of the understanding between BJP and PDP to wedge apart the society on communal lines and derive benefits out of it. He said the friendship between Pen and Inkpot Party (PDP) and BJP is now an open secret and all are well-versed with the fact that PDP wants Narendra Modi to be at the helm of affairs to receive his blessings, the statement maintained.

“But PDP and its leadership should know that people of Jammu and Kashmir are wiser enough to understand PDP’s vested interests and they will foil its conspiracy against Jammu and Kashmir it is hatching with BJP for the greed of chair”, he said and maintained that people will make the PDP to bite the dust in the elections for its deceptive and divisive politics.

The statement quoting Chief Minister said that Narendra Modi carries stigma of Gujarat riots on him and has not been exonerated by the public for innocent killings. “Narendra Modi has also not even expressed regrets for the unfortunate massacre in Gujarat, instead exhibited his particular ideology by rejecting the offer to wear a cap presented to him by the minority community”, Omar Abdullah said elaborating that BJP has categorically stated in its manifesto about the abrogation of Article 370, Uniform Civil Code and construction of Temple in Ayodhya. He said BJP’s ‘divide and rule’ policy and communal based ideology is well known to all. He said Narendra Modi’s action in Gujarat to stop the scholarship benefits to minorities granted by the Centre Government and taking the issue to the High Court and the Supreme Court unveils his attitude towards the minorities. Omar Abdullah said despite these facts Mufti duo are out to support BJP and help Narendra Modi to be the Prime Minister of the Country.

It added, Omar Abdullah said that National Conference and Congress are before the people with a clear agenda of defeating communal forces in the Lok Sabha Elections paving the way for a young and dynamic person Rahul Gandhi who is honest, without any blemish, with secular democratic characteristic and a friend of Jammu and Kashmir, to be the Prime Minister of India.

The Working President of National Conference said that Parliament Election is meant for electing the Prime Minister through Parliament Members and it has nothing to do with the elections of MLAs and Chief Minister, the statement further said. “We have to ensure that the Prime Minister of India be such a person who would carry all sections of the society along with him and have secular democratic ideology besides having inclusiveness and equitable development benchmark of his political agenda”, he said adding that this quality is possessed by the young leader Rahul Gandhi, as such, all having faith in secular democratic India should vote to reject communal and divisive forces represented by PDP and BJP.

Omar Abdullah said that Mehbooba Mufti’s track record in the Parliament has been very much disappointing and dismal. He referred to the bad performance by the PDP President as the then Parliament Member adding that she has never spoken on the important issues in Lok Sabha in the past and is not expected this from her in future.

“When the eyes of the entire world were on Indian Parliament to watch and see what the representative of Kashmir will speak on the important Kashmir related issue on an historic opportunity, alas! Mehbooba Mufti could utter only four words – Main Kya Boloun Yar (What shall I speak Oh my friend), the Working President National Conference said and added that this is a clear proof of the fact that Mehbooba Mufti cannot be the true representative of the people in the Parliament. “As such, voting in her favour is equal to wasting the votes”, he maintained.

“Instead of this Dr. Mehboob Baig as the Parliament Member from South Kashmir has not only made scores of captivating speeches in the Parliament over Jammu and Kashmir Centric matters but also asked about hundred different questions about the development of Jammu and Kashmir to various Union Ministries for replying in the Lok Sabha”, Omar Abdullah said while drawing parallels between the work done by Dr. Mehboob Baig as Parliament Member and that of Mehbooba Mufti in the same capacity.

Omar Abdullah asked the people to vote in great numbers in favour of NC-Congress candidate Dr. Mehboob Baig and help to bring UPA-III in power which is in the best interests of people of Jammu and Kashmir. He cautioned the people about being astrayed by the PDP on different counts, the statement said. He said sloganeering and emotional blackmailing of this party has remained its trait.

The Working President of National Conference also asked the people to help in maintaining peace and tranquillity and rejecting the attempts of anti-peace forces to disturb the atmosphere for their vested interests.


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