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You will be surprised as she did the icebreak. She made every possible effort for my love’s sake. I was egoistic and quite stout hearted. As if mine and her’s world were parted.

She made eye contacts and carried a tempting smile. But I resisted both for quite a while. She was a creature not to be ignored. She was a creature only to be loved.

When I first time took a glance at her. I felt as if there is no one beyond her. Her pink cheeks and those sparkling eyes. How on this earth I could have controlled my feelings to rise. You did something I compared with magic. Shall I call it love, doesn’t make any logic.

Before felling in love no one controlled me. Since I have fell in love with you. You controlled me. When you were not there everything seemed boring. I swear every other voice seemed roaring.

I was not acquainted with terms like feelings and emotions. I was unaware of the terms like sympathy and sentiments. My world was confined to family and profession. And my profession was to teach my students with complete dedication. Her eyes accompanied her when she smiled. Neither my heart nor my mind resisted.

She carried something like magic in her eyes. I swear I lost my heart and found there it lies. She was created by Allah at peace. The creature like her cannot get attracted with ease.

It was the moment we both felt for each other. It was the time we both loved each other. Every morning seemed dazzling, evening as sparkling. Every night brighty giving the hope of a lovely morning. It was the time I only dreamt of one thing. Let me make love with you seemed the best thing.

Something happened which moved my life. It seemed as if my heart was cut with a knife. Yes, yes, yes, she became the life of someone else. Ah! She was called the wife of someone else.

Neither you deceived nor you cheated me. It was destiny who deserted me and you. My heart consoled me. He is better deserving for her. And I retorted I was little worth for her.

She moved on but I resisted to move. Every morning, evening and night seemed blue. I was happy when I was single. Even then I was not ready to mingle.

At least I was without pain. I could have moved freely in every lane. Now the terrible stuff is she is before me. How on this earth I can resist you? You have moved on and dedicated yourself to thy family. Free me from you love so as to do same with my family.

(Saima Rashid, is an undergraduate student of mass communication and multimedia production at Govt college for women MA Road Sgr)

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