On the onset of sheen

Photo: Bilal Bahadur
Photo: Bilal Bahadur

Saima Rashid

I live in the valley of reveries and dreams

It has beauty beyond as it seems

When the drizzling snow touches my face

More it is enjoyable depending on its pace

Valley of white provides a sparkling sight

May its pureness suppress that eternal fight

When it snows, valley appears to be at peace

May this season make the conflicts to cease

 Sky turns white as if upper layer of milk

One gets fascinated, wishes to cover it with silk

 Not only humans but trees enjoy it too

Every branch spreads its arms believe me they do

 In the absence of Mum, I swallow its few bites

It is myth sheen makes more layers at nights

 Collect a handful of sheen in a glass

Add some sugar and milk according to your class

 Enjoy the pure ice cream without consuming money

That ice cream is not as pure which you enjoy in sunny

 Every year Kashmiri’s wait eagerly for this sheen

No matter whether the fellow is old or teen

(Saima Rashid, is an undergraduate student of mass communication and multimedia production at Govt college for women MA Road Sgr)

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