One More Exit Poll Suggests PDP Emerging Single Largest Party

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The Exit Poll of India’s renowned research company, PEACS has claimed that People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is going to emerge as the single largest party in Jammu and Kashmir.

PDP is projected to win within a range of 35-40 seats in a House of 87. The BJP according to PEACS may come up second and is projected to win within a range of 25-30 seats.

PEACS (Platform for Election Analysis & Community Studies) is an organization that analyses day to day activities, voter’s mood and all the other factors related to the elections.

National Conference is projected to win within a range of 8-12 seats while its coalition partner Congress is projected to win within a range of 6-10 seats. ‘Others’ are expected to win 2-5 seats.

The five phase polling in Jammu and Kashmir for 87-member Assembly ended on Saturday.

In the previous assembly elections, NC had won 28, Congress 17, PDP 21, BJP 11 and ‘Others’ 10 seats.

Exit Polls are interviews with voters after they have cast their votes at their polling booth. A sample of 9222 was scientifically selected to collectively represent the state. Every fifth voter exiting the polling booth was given a questionnaire to complete with questions about demographics such as gender, age, caste, and issues related to the person’s vote choice in different contests. The interviewing started when the polls open and continue throughout the day until polls close.

PEACS’ methodology, CORAL, is an analysis program that has been fashioned in such a way that it accurately predicts the popular sentiments and also make a course correction if needed be.

PEACS’ team consists of people from varied backgrounds comprising of Psephologists, who scientifically analyze antecedent voting data, political nature of each constituency, etc. They are experts in the field of Election Research. They are well versed about the behavioural changes in the public. PEACS team also comprises of sociologists and senior journalists.

During 2008 elections, PEACS predictions about poll results were tuned out to be almost accurate and according to the organization this time as well they are sure that their exit poll will turn out to be accurate.

The Managing Director PEACS, Shamshad Ahmed told CNS that PEACS is an election research company that does election research all across India. “Our track record is our strength as we have provided accurate election results from pasty so many years,” Shamshad said.

According to the PEACS, this time the swing is in favour of PDP and this time this party will secure 35 to 40 seats followed by BJP that according to PEACS will secue 25 to 30 seats.


  1. Can PDP bring in a trillion US dollars into Kashmir Valley and make every Kashmiri a millionaire overnight. You think about it. We are prepared to invest under BJP’s guidance. Are you prepared to accept? huh! Then shut the faux up
    Every business deal has terms & conditions.


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