Opposition staged walkout over Govt failure in activation of administrative units

Tahir Bhat


The opposition on Thursday staged a walkout from the legislative assembly over the failure of the government to activate the new administrative units functional in Jammu and Kashmir.

As soon as the session starts NC MLA Devinder Singh Raina, decried the government for its political manoeuvring in delaying the functioning of new administrative units, as it had been created by Omar Abdullah led Government in 2014 while respecting public urges and need for taking the administration at their doorsteps.

Rana said every time government assures us for the as the issue is hanging decision for administrative units functional and every time they fail.

Rana reiterated his demand of making Jindrah Tehsil functional by making internal arrangement in terms of deployment of the staff.

Rana said “you disallow us to discuss any issue in assembly” “we should go to veeri sahib every morning and seek permission from him about issues we discuss.

He also accused speaker to ignore opposition every time “You give a separate hall. let you talk among your self.”

Abdul Majeed Larmi Mla Home Shalubugh demands activation of  Sub Division office at Qaimoh.

Opposition members carrying the banner that said that “Activate administration units” “Active Sub Division Qaimoh” and raised slogans like activate administration units in the state.

Senior Minister Abdul Rehman Veeri assures opposition we will discuss the issue but the opposition didn’t satisfied.

Veeri alleged Opposition “You are trying to waste the time of house.”

When speaker did not allow the opposition to the discussion on the issue they come into well and staged ruckus and later entire opposition staged a walkout.


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