Our History Replete with Instances of Valour, Courage and Sacrifices, says Mirwaiz



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MirwaizAppealing people of Kashmir to show resolve and steadfastness for carrying forward the ongoing “resistance movement”, Hurriyat Conference (m) Chairperson, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said showing dissent and standing upright against oppression, injustice, slavery, tyranny and dictatorship alone could end the “suppression” and free the people from the “shackles of tyranny and oppression” leading them to the goal of freedom for which lakhs of people have sacrificed their lives.

Addressing a massive gathering at the historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar before the Friday congregational prayers, Mirwaiz while recalling the 300-year-old struggle of Kashmiris against oppression and suppression said Kashmiris have been struggling against the yoke of subjugation and oppression for the past more than 300 years, offering innumerable sacrifices of their life.

Mirwaiz said our history of standing up against tyranny and oppression is replete with the instances of valor, courage and sacrifices. Be it as early as 29th April 1865 the shawl weavers agitation where 28  people lost their lives or the 1924 silk factory agitation or July 1931 when 22 people fell to the bullets of the then Mahraja’s forces or the genocide of Jammu Muslims where 2 lakh Muslims were butchered in 1947 or the death and destruction that we are witnessing every day for the past 25 years in which only in last week 5 innocent unarmed Kashmiris were murdered in Handwara Kupwara, Mirwaiz said in these past 3 to 4 hundred yrs only the tyrant rulers have changed hands be it the Afghan, the Sikh, the Dogra rulers or the rule of the Republic of India as for the people of this land, the saga of subjugation, humiliation and oppression remained a continuous affair.

He said, however, the history of the world is witness to the fact that no people can be subjugated forever, only  if their desire to be free is sincere and they are steadfast and resolute to their commitment, even if the they are up against a force as powerful and big as India.

Mirwaiz also recalled the massacres like Hawal, Kunan Poshpora, Khanyar, Maisuma, Gaw Kadal, Chattisinghpora, Pathribal, Handwara, Kupwara, Bijbehara and Sopore, said these killings of Kashmiris speak for themselves how atrociously they were being dealt with.

Mirwaiz further said that we are witnessing the “worst form of imperialism”, but what is more painful is the role of local collaborators, who help these “despotic forces” by giving them a local face and legitimacy hence thwarting and damaging the freedom struggle.

Not allowing any kind of assembly of people, for fear that the reality of Kashmir will be exposed to the world all over, Mirwaiz said that such tactics were not going to prevent the reality on the ground in Kashmir to reach the world in this age of internet and information technology.

He said stopping people from offering Friday prayers, placing restriction on offering funeral prayers, putting curbs for stopping people from offering condolences with the bereaved families, imposing curfew, carrying arrests and detentions, putting the leaders under house arrests, and killings innocent people was an attempt to crush the resolve of Kashmiris, which would never succeed as people would continue to carry forward their resistance struggle with all the verve.

Calling the people of Kashmir to unite and remain steadfast in their resolve for fighting for their just rights, the APHC Chairman said if people stay united, they would sure get their just rights.

Amid “pro-Islam” and “Stop the bloodshed of Kashmiris”, “Stop state-sponsored terrorism” slogans, Mirwaiz said the ‘Hafta-e-Shaadat’ (Martyrs Week) starting from May 16 this year would be observed as the ‘Hafta-e-Istiqlaal’ (Week of resolve and commitment) during which it would be resolved that the movement for which lakhs of Kashmir people, Ulemas, and leaders sacrificed their lives would be taken to its logical conclusion.

Condemning continuous illegal confinement of a minor girl by the police, after killing five unarmed persons in Handwara, the Mirwaiz said her confinement was against all norms of decency and morality and a serious human rights violation.

Paying glowing tributes to the senior resistance leader and Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front founder Amanullah Khan on his demise, the APHC Chairman recalled his sacrifices and services to the Kashmir cause and said the late leader had dedicated his life for Kashmir’s freedom and the betterment of people of Kashmir. The Mirwaiz also offered special prayers for the late leader.

On the occasion, the APHC Chairman said a Seerat Confernce was being organised on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Nasrullahpora in central Kashmir’s Budgam district whereas on 26 Rajab Murajab, Wednesday, May 4, 2016 on the occasion of Mehraj-ul-Alam a  Majlis-e-Waz-u-Tableeg would be held at Aali Masjid Eidgah between the Maghrib (evening) and Isha (late evening) prayers.

The APHC Chairman while appealing people to attend next Friday congregational prayers at Jamia Masjid Srinagar in large numbers, announced that on that day, top Islamic scholars from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other Islamic countries would be delivering Waz-u-Tableeg besides offering Friday congregational prayers there.


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