Overnight snow rains disrupt life as highway remains out of bounds

KL News Network


Inclement weather conditions led to a huge mix of rain and snow for most of the last night that impacted power supply and surface communications. In certain areas, trees uprooted that even prevented people from trekking distances.

The weekend snow fall started around evening and continued intermittently across most of Kashmir. Snow flakes were watery and heavy.

Traffic police officials reported that Border Roads Organization started clearing debris of muck and stones at various places on the highway as early as 6:30 am. Overnight, there were shooting stones and land slides at Panthyal, Magerkote, Gangroo, Hingni, Sherbibi, Salad, Shalgarhi, Battery Cheshma, Kela Mode, Mehr,  Seeri, Digdol, Karool, and in immediate areas of Ramban. While these are being cleared, fresh landslides are hitting the road.

On basis of the mess that the raining led to, authorities have closed the road for any movement beyond Ramban towards Srinagar. They even prevented any vehicular movement towards Chenab valley as well. Initially, it had permitted the movement of light motor vehicles from both sides but the orders were withdrawn at around 7 am.

While Traffic Police authorities asked commuters not to attempt any movement on the highway and return to the safe destinations, it was not immediately known if any passengers are still stuck up on the highway.


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