Painful Frames From Devastating Noorbagh Fire


SRINAGAR: Almost 22 houses were destroyed in an overnight fire in a Noorbagh locality in Srinagar. The fire spread so fast that the inmates could barely manage to save themselves. The locality was quite congested that prevented the people and the firefighters from interrupting decisively.

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Inmates of a home looking from the half-burnt window in Noorbagh (Srinagar) where 22 homes went up in flames on March 30, 2022. KL Images: Bilal Bahadur

Fires have remained a frequent crisis for Kashmir in its history. However, most of these fires were the outcome of Kangri mess in winters. What is interesting is that fires have become quite common in summers. There were at least three major fires in Srinagar in March alone.

Exchanging Notes: The two families who lost their homes to an overnight fire in Noorbagh (Srinagar) on the night of March 30, 2022, exchanged details of how they escaped and failed in saving their homes. KL IMages: Bilal Bahadur

Reports said that the fire started past might in Gata Colony and 22 structures were destroyed within minutes. Some of the people who owned these structures included Bashir Ahmad Sheikh, Ghulam Ahmad Sheikh, Ghulam Rasool Sheikh, Abdul Aziz Sheikh, Bashir Ahmed Sheikh, Sanaullah Sheikh, Parvez Ahmed Sheikh, Sabzar Ahmed Sheikh, Nisar Sheikh, Ali Mohd Sheikh, Mohammad Sultan Sheikh, Ghulam Ahmad Sheikh, Mushtaq Ahmed Sheikh, Misra Banu, Bilal Ahmad Sheikh, Shahid Ahmed, Bashir Ahmed Sheikh and Ghulam Hassan.

Nothing Left: Two women, apparently a mother and daughter, tried to see if the devastating fire had left anything untouched. This house was one of the 22 homes that were destroyed in a fire on March 30, 2022. KL Images: Bilal Bahadur

The destroyed constructions included ten double-storied, eleven single-storied constructions and a shed. Four civilians were injured while attempting to extinguish fires. These included three civilians Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh, Tahir Ahmad Sheikh and Tanveer Ahmad Sheikh. A firefighter also received injuries and was hospitalized.

Everything Gone: Two girls, apparently relatives, are trying to locate anything that might have been saved miraculously in the fire that devastated their home on March 30, 2022, at Noornbagh, Srinagar. KL Images: Bilal Bahadur

Residents said 22 structures were home to 33 families and all of them are now under the open sky.

Half Burnt: A woman showing the bridal set of some of her relatives that was half destroyed by the overnight fire on March 30, 2022. The conflagration in Noorbagh Srinagar destroyed 22 homes. KL Images:L Bilal Bahadur
Police said they have registered a case and investigations have started. Apparently, they said, it could be the outcome of a power sort circuit.
No, Not My Home: A child looks the other way as his mother is looking at the place where they had the home. Almost 22 houses went up in a devastating conflagration during the night on March 30, 2022. KL Images: Bilal Bahadur

The families were rendered destitute overnight. Some of the families had plans of getting their wards married after the holy month of Ramzan, which usually marks the beginning of the marriages season. In most of the cases, the families failed in saving anything.


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