Pak PM’s UN Statement ‘Eye-Opener’ for World Community, ‘Solution to All Issues’: Shabir Shah



Terming the speech of Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif in the United Nations General Assembly as “courageous” and “based on truth”, senior Hurriyat (g) leader and Chairperson Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Thursday asserted that the Pak Premier’s statement is “resolution to all impending issues”.

“The historical speech delivered by Mian Nawaz Sharif in UNGA is a clear proof that Pakistan wants peaceful and cordial relations with its neighbours. The sincerity with which the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made such initiative of strengthening relations and making friendly ties with its neighbours is ample proof that the nation is not in favour of fighting and warfare,” Shabir Shah, said in a statement issued to GNS.

He said the world community “must respond in a positive way to offer and viewpoint put forward by Pakistan.” “The world leadership must encourage and respond positively to Pakistan’s proposal to a) resolve the long pending dispute of Jammu & Kashmir, b) put an end to India’s occupational rule in the region, c) eliminating terrorism d) stop interfering in each other’s issues, e) reduce the border tensions and resolving other contentious issues, as minor conflicts between nuclear armed countries can prove disastrous to whole world.”

Shah lauded Nawaz Sharif for “highlighting the reality of Kashmir issue” in UN’s General Assembly and said the four-point solution proposed by Pak PM “is a better solution to Indo-Pak mutual rivalry”.

“In order to resolve the Siachen and border disputes with its neighbour, India should positively respond to four-point formula and shun the rhetoric of ‘integral part’ statement, refrain from blame game and conducting elections on gun point in the region. It (India) should understand that it cannot dictate terms to its neighbour and that stubbornness in no way can help ensure peace in the region,” he said.

“Nawaz Sharif proved to be a true spokesperson of the oppressed Kashmiris by highlighting their plight before the world community. Pak PM’s speech should serve as an eye-opener for world leadership that they should not turn a blind eye towards this simmering issue of South Asia but must take notice of millions of sacrifices rendered by prime stakeholders – Kashmiris, in their fight for self-determination,” Shah asserted.

The Freedom Party chairman seconded Pak PM in stating that UN has failed to play any vital role in implementing the resolutions related to Kashmir dispute pending in its Security Council despite passing of 68 years.

He reiterated, “Kashmir issue should be resolved through the implementation of UN resolutions or talks between all the stakeholders of the dispute under the auspices of world leadership. He said if further delay is made in this regard, the population of Jammu and Kashmir would possibly be extinct.”

“Jammu & Kashmir is the only place in the world where people are subjected to disappearance after getting arrested and during the last 68 years more than half a million people were killed and properties worth billions of rupees destroyed by Indian forces. The UN, world leadership and OIC should seriously consider the speech of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and implement it in letter and spirit. If world wants peace it should begin from resolving the Kashmir issue,” Shabir Ahmad Shah said.


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