Pakistan instigating Kashmiris through social media: Dr Jitendra


Pakistan’s agencies are instigating youths in Kashmir through false propaganda on social media, Jitendra Singh, MoS im Pm Modi’s office has said on Thursday.

Asking the civil society and government to make the youths understand the reality, instead of getting instigated by “false propaganda” Jitendra said, “Pakistani agencies are using social media to instigate youths of Kashmir Valley through false propaganda in social media. I would appeal the youths there not to get carried away by such propaganda,” the Minister told reporters in New Delhi.

Dr Jitendra Singh Rana

Singh said separatists are doing the politics of convenience. “There are leaders who want to instigate the youths of Kashmir Valley to indulge in activities like stone pelting and violence. But these very leaders want their own children to become IAS and IPS officers. They want their children to study in good schools. I feel that these leaders are doing the politics of convenience,” he said.


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